What equipment is in the disposable ophthalmology pack?

The disposable ophthalmology pack is used for eye surgery, which can meet the needs of eye laser and other surgeries, and fully meet the needs of clinical use.

The disposable ophthalmology pack is used for eye surgery, which can meet the needs of eye lasers, cataracts, glaucoma, and other surgeries. It has a single-hole design, a collection bag, and a medical film integrated design to establish a sterile barrier. Equipped with drainage strips to effectively guide the discharge of liquid.

disposable ophthalmology pack

The disposable ophthalmology pack is used for eye surgery. The double-opening design can meet the needs of most large and medium-sized ophthalmic surgeries.

The disposable ophthalmology pack is a type I medical device suitable for operating room, ophthalmology, etc.

Mask: It is used for oral protection of medical staff and plays a role in isolation and protection.

Round cap: used for head protection of medical staff or patients.

Cotton swabs: used for wiping and disinfection.

Surgical gown: When worn by medical staff during surgery, it can effectively resist static electricity, alcohol, and blood.

Wrapping cloth: (It is used to wrap the accessories in the surgical bag. After the surgical bag is opened, it can be used as an instrument table cloth.

Therapeutic towel: used for dressing change, treatment, and ward liner to prevent cross-infection.

Ophthalmic drape: used to cover the non-surgical area and reveal the surgical surface, with its own collection bag for easy collection of intraoperative fluids.

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