Anal Sex penetration

Anal sex is a recurring fantasy in men, practice appreciated by some women, anal penetration remains taboo and controversial.

How to practice anal coitus properly? What danger of sodomy to avoid? The turn of the question to know everything about anal sex and the benefits of sodomy on the couple.

How to practice anal penetration for the first time?
Whether homosexual or heterosexual couples, the majority of partners are concerned by this observation: anal intercourse is not an easy sexual practice to implement. This is due to several reasons:

the man or the woman refuses;
lovers dare not mention it;
the partners do not know how to go about removing certain obstacles in terms of comfort and hygiene.
However, sodomy as well as any other form of anal penetration can provide intense sexual pleasure.

The couple has solutions to lift taboos and learn about anal intercourse in order to fulfill a fantasy. This unprecedented practice can spice up your sexual relations.

Demystifying anal coitus
Anal penetration is surrounded by many preconceived ideas with negative connotations: painful, violent, dirty or even demeaning, it tempts only a few couples.

When it is a new sexual practice for one of the partners, the other can discuss his own experience. When neither of the two lovers has ever tried it, they can talk about it together.

In any case, it is not recommended to initiate sodomy without having spoken about it beforehand. By communicating about anal penetration, men and women demystify the subject by putting words to this taboo. If some will remain hermetic to anal coitus, others on the contrary will be able to indulge in it more easily.

Start with the foreplay
For a first time, it can be useful to start with well-chosen foreplay.

Anus massage
The anal area remains intimate and sensitive, so it is important to take care of it.

The massage of the anus can represent a good introduction, insofar as this very innervated area of ​​the body, well stimulated, can be at the origin of an inciting sexual pleasure. This step also helps to dilate the anus to facilitate the ensuing penetration.

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