NHL playoffs 2019 Sharks Tomas Hertl guarantees Game 7 vs. G

NHL playoffs 2019 Sharks Tomas Hertl guarantees Game 7 vs. G

The Sharks staved off elimination with a win Thursday and Tomas Hertl sees the team earning the right to play again in San Jose. Corey Dickerson Jersey

"I know we have one more game, and come back for Game 7," Hertl said after the team's 5-2 win, . "I believe it. We're a better team than them."

San Jose has home-ice advantage but it is down 3-2 in the best-of-seven series with the Golden Knights.

The Sharks won Game 1 of the Miami Marlins Jersey series convincingly, but lost the next three games after Vegas came out with authority in each showing.

The Golden Knights scored goals within the first two minutes of each of the team's three wins including one that took all of 16 seconds in Game 3.

J. T. Realmuto Jersey But the Sharks flipped the script in Game 5 as Hertl found the back of the net in 1:16 of the first period. That start propelled San Jose to a win and gave it plenty of confidence against playoff stalwart Marc-Andre Fleury.

"Right away, we showed (Fleury). We screened him. We annoyed him. We have to be even better. We have to frustrate him, be harder around the net," Hertl said. "If you don't have to chase the game from the first minute, and you Sergio Romo Jersey take all 20 guys with a great effort, we showed that we can beat them anytime."

Hertl is coming off of a career year in which he scored 35 goals while adding 39 a sists for 74 points on the season.

He Bryan Holaday Jersey has been a key to the team's power play and succe s throughout the season and he knows what types of runs this team can go on.

Now it's just a matter of making his promise come true and getting a win Sunday in Game 6 and getting the series back to San Jose.

" Brad Ziegler Jersey Right from the first minute, we had fans behind our backs. It's huge," he said. "We've got two days now. We can take a little breath."

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