Exposure to Enterprise Grade SMS Gateway Platform

How a world SMS Gateway Software Platform with service, operational, and business excellence help to become Independent SMS Gateway Aggregators.

With this text, I'd prefer to go in-depth with the SMS Gateway Software Platform and its expected operational business excellence service. I might wish to explain to you the specified scalability with specific features an SMS Gateway Software should enable operations and improve interaction with a number of the main points of the TeleOSS platform.


TeleOSS could be a Bulk Messaging software platform to become independent Aggregators with advanced operational, services business excellence features. Aruhat's TeleOSS SMS Gateway Platform is an enterprise-grade platform that provides fast, secure, and reliable delivery for A2P SMS traffic. It's a price-effective solution with complete and advanced specifications to enable operations and scale business.


It has a scalable architecture for dynamic routing and adding mobile value-added services like Short code, Long code, USSD, Email, eFax et al. within the same platform.


TeleOSS SMS Gateway Features Benefits include


Service Excellence


  • Manage multiple services with a single Account: SMS, Email Short Code/Long Code
  • Fast, reliable SMS connectivity to handle high volume via SMPP
  • Delivery reports, SMS Flood and Spamming alerts, Rule-based Routing Engine
  • Ensure global coverage with a scalable platform overall multilingual support


Operational Excellence


  • Single platform for multiple accounts: Subscribers, resellers, partners, enterprise staff
  • Live Traffic Monitoring Dashboard, Dynamic Routing, Multiple HTTP, SMPP SMTP Routing
  • White-labeled interface for: Subscribers Resellers, Country-wise, Operator-wise Charging Rating
  • 500 TPS supported (Lab Tested), Payment Gateway Integration, SMPP-based API connection


Business Excellence


  • Extended business reach and better manageability by defining service plans
  • Multiple services plans, user plans time optimization for business alignment
  • Delivery reports: Unified error code mapping and live monitoring of delivery reports
  • Integrable Solution with ready-to-deploy standard interfaces

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