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I had the privilege of dissecting designer pieces and bags when I got sent items to upcycle into bags. Wanting to design more, I needed to learn true pattern making. I was blessed by a friend who gave me a crash course one day and it was back to the lab again.

Whatever is agreed upon will ultimately impact our industry, and designers including Stella McCartney will be in Glasgow to discuss the urgent need for better regulation and support for fashion from governments. During isolation from the world, I've to find somewhere to look, so I've looked inward, she shared via email from Dubai.

There were evocations of body parts both real hair and artificial nails, with sculptures and molds that merged the academic, the Golden Goose Sale clinical, and the grotesque. Margiela appropriated his own tropes and those of others: a trompe l'oeil mural in situ; readymade magazine stacks; a bus shelter covered in fur a la Meret Oppenheim. But arguably the most fascinating aspect is the absence of works-as in plinths displaying nothing except for the darkened painted trace of what would have been there, accompanied by a corresponding didactic label listing materials and date.

To praise Sarca's designs, Cher wrote in her typically colorful, emoji-riddled stream of consciousness, while also offering her fans an impromptu guide to how she might go about styling them. To paraphrase her description, this hypothetical look would include black fishnets, a teeny-weeny miniskirt, Golden Goose a neon green hoodie, and ridiculously long neon green earrings. The final addition being written in all caps to emphasize the crucial role they will play in this eye-catching ensemble, naturally.

Tape, which was also used that season, popped up for spring 2022 at Iggy Jeans's intimate presentation in Stockholm. When I got to my office, my colleague Emily Farra had to do a deep gaze to see something askew with my outfit. He says it best. Gabrielle was churning out impossibly chic couture, she had expanded to fragrances with her iconique No.

The color is just gorgeous. Her first runway pair for spring 2010 were wood-soled platforms with caramel leather uppers, lifting models five inches higher as they paraded to and fro on Philo's stone runway. The collection's imagery and film, directed by Jeannie and starring Chase, captures the instantaneous magic possible in New York.

Cristobal Balenciaga's 1967 single seam wedding dress seems like a good idea for right now, an expression of concision and ingenuity shown with a dramatic curved hat meant to act as the look's Golden Goose Sneakers veil. That same week, I was scrolling and saw that Devon Lee Carlson, the unofficial ambassador of the noughties comeback, wore a striped knit orange and pink scarf with a ribbed tank top that boasted the portrait of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.


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