Tips of improving Expertise in New World quickly

For New World players, character ratings and equipment scores are very important.

For New World players, character ratings and equipment scores are very important. Besides completing tasks and making high-value equipment to improve Expertise, there is a faster way to New World Coins Buy to help upgrade and get better equipment.

If the player is already familiar with the previous name “High Water Mark”, the Expertise system works similarly. However, if the player is a type who can only play for a few hours a day, there are some additional features to help them smooth their progress.

Expertise is the Gear Progression System for level 60 characters. When players reach level 60 for the first time, most of the equipment they encounter is Gear Score 500. Expertise System allows players to progress to the highest Gear Score 600 slowly. Of course, if players want to save time, they can also spend New World Gold directly to buy high-scoring equipment.

Every drop a player receives increases their current Expertise Level to the 600 mark. When the player gets a drop that improves the Expertise, this is called a “bump”. Each of these bumps has at least 2 points of expertise and a maximum of 5 expertise gains. This makes any project from GS 500 to GS 600 an average of 35 bumps.

Starting in early 2022, Expertise will also affect the effectiveness of weapons and armors purchased to exceed the player’s current Expertise. Currently, exemptions for self-crafted items, Quest rewards, and Faction Shop Purchases have been added. If players want to get weapons beyond their Expertise, they can need to spend New World Coins to buy them on the Faction Shop.

The system is more about encouraging players to make their own equipment or work through the Expertise System by reducing any market-purchased items to their current Expertise. However, as players’ expertise increases with decline, they will revert to statistics.

Players currently have different views on this update, especially for novice players. This will affect their gaming experience. If players have an advantage before this, they still need to buy New World Coins to have an immediate effect.


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