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Since the birth of Hollywood, war has often become the focus of American movies. (Look at the first film that won the Oscar for Best Picture: World War II themed Wings).

Over the years, the war in movies has developed into an independent type. War movies. In this terrible and morally constrained climate, high-risk action scenes and psychological struggles drive the plot development with a fast pace. (This does not include the Mark wahlberg style single person popcorn epic).

In addition to Americans' infatuation with military heroism and sacrifice, war movies have begun to let us examine the deeper ethical complexity of war itself more carefully. Although many films focus on beautification and romanticization, filmmakers also use the subjectivity of this medium as a deeper and humanized lens to show the real atrocities in wartime. Through these stories, we can try to build a closer relationship with a plot that often feels so far away emotionally.

If you want to find a place to see the best war movies of the 21st century, Dogesflix is the best choice. From repetitions full of action, to touching historical dramas, farces with comments and even Spike Lee's joint films, these are the best five war films on the platform.

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Up to 5 blood

Although Spike Lee's Big Five didn't get the recognition it deserved in the award season, you can bet that it won't be forgotten soon. This heartbreaking portrait depicts a group of reunited Vietnam War veterans. This is one of his best works so far, and it will also become a powerful demonstration of the talent of the late Chadwick Boseman.


More than two years after the popularity of Dogesflix, we are still wondering why this play has not become a blockbuster. Timmy Chalamet! Robert Pattinson! They duel through a story based on Shakespeare's play Henry Adelaide. Chalamet's bowl shaped hairstyle is obviously not enough to penetrate the culture.


Christopher Nolan's epic tells the story of the great retreat of the Allied forces in Dunkirk, France, during World War II. Harry Stiles and Fion Whitehead play young soldiers waiting to be rescued. Nolan paid tribute to war movies of the 1960s, such as the battle of Britain (1969) and the battle of Algiers (1966). He moved between the beach and aeroplanes, depicting a full picture of the "Dunkirk miracle".

Modern Apocalypse (Ultimate Edition)

An extended version of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse of the modern "Redux" adds an extra 49 minutes of extra material to one of the greatest war stories in the history of the film. This violent Vietnam war film stars Marlon Brando, Robert Duval, Martin Sheen, Lawrence Fishburn, Dennis Hopper and Harrison Ford.

Gears of War

Brad Pitt plays a tough but eccentric American general who is sent to Afghanistan to clean up the mess of the army after eight years of war. In this dark war comedy, he found himself surrounded by exhausted and disillusioned soldiers and faced bureaucratic obstacles.


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