I mean the world by Hokage

It hasn't changed at all." Naruto looked at the noisy and decadent street and said, "I used to like to stand here and look down, because I hope one day I can be there and become one of them." "What about now?" Asked Sasuke.

"Well, don't think I don't know what you're up to." The voice of the third generation became stern. "Sasuke, you are the future hope of the Uchiha clan, the top student in the school. How can you fool around with Naruto? And you, Naruto, are a ninja to protect the villagers. But you, you should mess around with that kind of detonator only used in the big battlefield. You two are so disappointing." "Whatever happened to Sasuke, I forced him to help me." Naruto said with a sad look on his face, "I didn't do anything. I just wanted to buy something. Not only did they not sell it to me, but they also called me a monster. What did I do wrong? Why did they all call me that? Just call me that. But I, never, never, never let them call me Naruki like that." Naruto's blue eyes were full of sadness and hurt. If Naruto was acting at the beginning, then he would show his true feelings. Originally, he was very happy after dating Hinata, so he was going to buy something to take back for everyone to eat. Who knew that the people in the commercial street not only did not sell it to him, but also scolded him and Naruki. He was so angry that he called Sasuke to pretend to chase him and blow up the street. "Three generations of adults, if you want to punish me, please punish me. I did everything. It has nothing to do with Naruki Sasuke." Naruto stepped up and bowed deeply. The third generation was very angry about Naruto's bombing of the commercial street, and decided to punish him once, and even wanted to find someone to observe him for a period of time, but hearing him say so, the heart was very comforted, at least Naruto still cared about the people around him, and did not kill people like other people,disc air diffuser, and although he was too much today, he also noticed that he did not hurt anyone. Alas! The third generation sighed deeply and said, "Forget it, Naruto. Don't have a next time. You all go back.". Looking at the four people who left, Iruka said, "I'm sorry, Lord Hokage. I'll talk about Naruto when I get back." "Iruka, Naruto has no parents since he was a child. He doesn't know what his parents' love is. The people in the village are alienated from him because of that. Only Naruki lives with him. In order to attract other people's attention, he keeps playing pranks. He always hopes to attract other people's attention in various ways. Naruto is very strong on the surface, but in fact his heart is more fragile than anyone else." And Mingyue is the only sustenance in his heart, so he will never allow others to do anything to Mingyue. It's only when he knows Sasuke and Ningji that his heart becomes better, but there are still places in his heart that he can't touch. You have to enlighten him. Standing on the tall Hokage Rock, everything about Konoha was in full view. Naruto laughed and said, Belt Filter Press ,fine bubble diffuser, "Do you have a feeling of blood? It seems that Konoha is in my hands." It's just that the smile is very bitter. "Don't laugh if you don't want to," Ning said. "It's so ugly." Looking at the busy street, the moon said, "Konoha is really rotten. It hasn't changed at all." Naruto looked at the noisy and decadent street and said, "I used to like to stand here and look down, because I hope one day I can be there and become one of them." "What about now?" Asked Sasuke. "Now!"! I think I'm such an idiot to want to be in such a rotten place. Volume 5 The Beginning of the Story Chapter 6 The Chapter of the Story Book House Updated: January 5, 2010 11:56:56 Words in this chapter: 4141 "Ha ha ha." A burst of arrogant laughter spread throughout the leaves, bright yellow clothes shining in the sun, golden hair so that the sun in the sky is pale, young confident eyes, sunshine smile, seems to be able to melt the coldest ice and snow. Hey, Naruto, look, what have you done? I'll never forgive you today! Two dumb-looking Nakanobu roared behind his back, waving their hands to catch up with him. "Shut up!"! Can you do that? You dare not do it! Don't you? Look how good I am! Naruto looked back at the two fools like a demonstration, and hooked his fingers at them. You two fools also wanted to catch up with me. I was a golden meteor anyway. Turning around, Naruto ran with tears. Why did I do such an idiotic thing? My image was gone. If the people in the Dragon Kingdom knew about it, I would laugh to death. Naruki, I hate you. The camera turns to the tall Hokage Rock. Oh, that's miserable! The first generation of Hokage was painted with two panda eyes. There was a slap print on the left and right faces. Two long tears flowed down, as if they had been beaten. Naruto, you want to beat him. The second generation of Hokage hung a line of disgusting snot, two circle eyes, and a very vivid tongue was caught by Naruto. Naruto, do you think the second generation was hanged. Three generations of old men painted two huge heart-shaped eyes with red paint, leaving a long line of saliva around their mouths. Oh, if you want to scold someone as an old lady-killer, just say it. Four generations of old men have a pair of big eye sockets hanging on their eyes, their hair dyed white, and a long beard under their nose. He knows that his father's image can't be too bad. But a good young man turned into a white-haired old man. Ha, it's still very wonderful. Naruto is so creative and artistic. Moon turned to Sasuke, who had been pulled out reluctantly, and said, "How's it going?"? Would you like to add a few strokes? "I'd rather not!" A drop of sweat named Genghis appeared on Sasuke's forehead. Hey, I said, at least you are in Konoha now. How can you save face for others? How can you mess around on their spiritual support. Simply using a hide to get rid of the two Nakanobu, Naruto raised his middle finger to the two Nakanobu who had run away, "Cut, two big idiots." Really? Why did I do such a boring thing with two idiots? Then I became an idiot, too. Oh, I'm not an idiot. Hey,Wall Penstocks, Naruto! Iruka put his hands on his waist and roared behind Naruto. He was so scared that Naruto almost left in an instant. He turned around and laughed: "Teacher Iruka, why are you so idle? Why do you come here for a walk? It's time for class now. As a good teacher, how can you skip work casually? You will disappoint everyone." 。 khnwatertreatment.com


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