The gate of creation

Lan Shu did not know whether to feel this kind of Ningcheng uncomfortable, her body slightly stiff, then soft down, tears followed the flow of silence.

The two magical powers collided with each other, and the overflowing rhyme in the void exploded. The terrible collapse of space and the roar of boundaries echoed in the vast void. The dark rules of the Dark Taoist were swallowed up directly by the collapse of Ningcheng's space. The Dark Taoist fled quickly, but no matter how fast he retreated, he did not come as fast as the collapsed void. Poof! A fog of blood from the dark road gentleman legs Biao Biao, the dark road gentleman whole person turned into a black shadow, followed by this fog of blood disappeared without a trace. Ning Cheng did not go after, although he spent time to catch up with the dark way, but Lan Shu certainly not so fast. Lan Yuchen felt a chill in his heart. Ningcheng had just joined the boundary. How could it be so powerful? "I didn't expect the Dark Taoist to be so bad. This man is so powerful that he is terrible. Even when I was in my prime, I was no match for him.". We can't leave now. You play the sad card to that woman and leave here first. The colleague who escaped in the dark, Lan Yuchen's voice in the sea also had a trace of fear. (Next later.) ...... Chapter 1495 Luo Fei and Lan Shu go! Shuer, you can go with me. What about practicing to the extent of the Dark Taoist? I finally understand that everything else is secondary to me. I just want you to go with me. Lan Yuchen seems to no longer pay attention to Ningcheng, but his eyes fall on Lan Shu, his eyes are full of expectations. His words give people a feeling, that is, to see the fate of the dark Taoist, he thought clearly, Lan Shu is more important than all treasures. The monks who were watching around one after another folded their fists at Ningcheng in the distance and bowed back. The Dark Taoist is no match for Ningcheng, and Ningcheng easily defeated the Dark Taoist. It can be imagined that Ningcheng is absolutely a strong man at the level of the five saints. This kind of strong, can completely dominate their life and death,stainless steel edge trim, where there is no one dare to disrespect? Ning Cheng expression is insipid, did not speak, blue jade Chen this trick he is too clear. For the sake of sister Shu, he is too lazy to kill this person now. Lan Shu stared at Lan Yuchen and said hoarsely after a long time, "You have changed, even if you are unscrupulous in order to seek the road, this kind of words will never be said before." Lan Yuchen's face stiffened,aluminium tile trim profiles, and he already understood that the other party had long known what he was thinking. Ningcheng, let's go. Lan Shu suddenly turned around and fled first. Ning Cheng ignored Lan Yuchen and left with Lan Shu in an instant. In the vast starry sky, there are too many people like Lan Yuchen. Lan Shu fled all the way, Ningcheng can feel the pain in her heart, simply did not stop her, let her walk so quickly. It took several days for Lan Shu to stop. Ning Cheng caught up and said, "Don't care, people will change.". Lan Yuchen is like this now, does not mean that once Lan Yuchen is also like this, so you do not have to be sad. Lan Shu did not answer the words of Ning Cheng, she went to the front of Ning Cheng, hard hugged Ning Cheng. As soon as Ning Cheng stayed, Lan Shu's behavior surprised him. At this time, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile edging, he can only gently pat Lan Shu with his hand, but do not know how to persuade. Although Ningcheng has been bound, but he just cut the way not cut the feeling, he is a man of temperament, there are five emotions and six desires. Lan Shu's soft and fragrant body made him a little uncomfortable. Lan Shu did not know whether to feel this kind of Ningcheng uncomfortable, her body slightly stiff, then soft down, tears followed the flow of silence. Ningcheng sighed, restrained his mind, and was as silent as Lan Shu. At this moment, he suddenly missed Luo Fei and Qionghua, as well as Yan Ji and Ruolan who stayed in Taisu. Even if the sky falls apart, he will return to Taisu as soon as possible, and then take Luo Fei to Taiyi to find Qionghua. I don't know how long it took for Lan Shu to stand up slowly from Ningcheng's arms. Sister Shu. Ningcheng has not yet spoken, Lan Shu stretched out her white hand and gently put it on Ningcheng's mouth, her voice became more hoarse, "Thank you, if you are not by my side, my sister does not know how to face it.". It's a pity that my sister met you too late. Ningcheng opened his mouth to persuade a few words, Lan Shu seemed to know Ningcheng's idea, gently waved his hand and said, "Take care of yourself, the door of creation everyone wants to enter, certainly not so easy.". Although you are strong, you should be careful. I'm leaving. Let's say goodbye. "Sister Shu, come back to Xuanhuang Zong with me. That's my place. Ruolan and Luofei are all here." Ningcheng looked at Lan Shu who slowly turned around, and finally could not help persuading him. Lan Shu shook her head, "that's not where your sister went." "Where are you going?" Ningcheng asked with some concern. Lan Shu took a look at the vast and boundless void and said lonely, "I don't know, when I'm tired of walking, I'll stop one day." Then she looked at Ningcheng again. "If I happen to meet you that day, I will go to your place with you." The implication is that if she doesn't meet Ningcheng that day, she will find a place to retreat forever and will never come out again. After saying this sentence, Lan Shu's whole person turned into a rhyme and disappeared into the vast and boundless void. Lan Shu's figure slowly blurred, and then slowly disappeared from the mind of Ningcheng. Ning Cheng felt a kind of emptiness in his heart. He looked at the emptiness of Lan Shu's disappearance. After a long time, he sighed in a low voice. Maybe after I stepped into the door of creation, all the emptiness was under my mind. In the mist in the corner of the chaotic inner world, a strong breath of Taoist rhyme rolls up, followed by the strong Taoist rhyme, is the thunder sound of the void Taoist Rhyme burst. The endless spirit around the mist was rolled up to form a long vein and disappeared in the middle of the void. There is a lack of spiritual spirit in the chaotic inner world, and this rich spiritual spirit is obviously a great gathering array arranged artificially with spiritual veins. In the outermost place, a woman in a light blue dress was watching anxiously. Why,tile trim factory, is there someone here? A fat monk looked at the place with great movement in amazement. Not only the monk, but also some monks who were also looking for treasures in the chaotic inner world, also found the huge movement.


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