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"I.." Ruan Qiaoan looked at Chen Ye's eyes with some concern. In fact, it is not that Ruan Qiaoan does not believe in Chen Ye, but that

"I.." Ruan Qiaoan looked at Chen Ye's eyes with some concern. In fact, it is not that Ruan Qiaoan does not believe in Chen Ye, but that she does not trust Lu Ziyan, because she really knows too much about Lu Ziyan, as long as he wants to get the news, then Chen Ye will not be able to stand the means of Lu Ziyan in the end. When Chen Ye saw Ruan Qiaoan hesitating, he looked at her with some sadness: "Qiaoan, don't you believe me?"? I swear I won't tell anyone where you are. Joann, just trust me for once! Besides, I'm worried about you, too! So, just tell me! Tell me! In this way, when I miss you later, I also know where to find you! Ruan Qiaoan stared at Chen Ye's eyes, his heart naturally knew that she was sincere, but he was not very convenient to tell Chen Ye. So, think of here, she is still some embarrassed looking at Chen Ye: "Chen Ye, really not I do not tell you, but because I can not say the reason, you." Do you understand? "I don't understand, I only know that you are my friend, you are leaving, and as your friend, I must know where you are going after you leave, otherwise, I will not rest assured." Chen Ye is still a face of insistence looking at Ruan Qiaoan. Ruan Qiaoan saw Chen Ye so insistent,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the embarrassment on her face was more obvious. She finally saw that no matter what she said, Chen Ye did not agree, so she had to say what she was worried about: "Chen Ye, you know, it's not that I don't want to tell you where I will stay in the future, it's just.." "Just what?"? Joanne, I don't think you treat me as a friend. When Chen Ye saw that he had said so, Ruan Qiaoan still refused, so he interrupted what she was going to say next,Nail Making Machine price, and then used his killer's mace, "If you still regard me as your friend, then you won't even tell me where you're going after you leave." Ruan Qiaoan saw Chen Ye even said this sentence, he had no way, just holding her hand tightly, looking at her seriously and said: "Chen Ye, you know I don't tell you not because I don't regard you as a friend, but because.." "Because I don't want people to know where I'm going to live, you know?" I won't tell anyone! Joanne, don't you believe me? Chen Ye looked at Ruan Qiaoan in disbelief, "Qiaoan, did you really not believe me at all?" "I'm not. I don't believe you." See Chen Ye said more and more outrageous, Ruan Qiaoan had no choice but to open his mouth to explain, "Chen Ye, you know I said someone else, is Lu Ziyan." "I know how Lu Ziyan is, and when this is over, he will come to me, but I know it's impossible for us to be together, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,wire nail machine manufacturers, so I don't want to contact him anymore, so there's no need to meet." "If I tell you where I'm going, then Lu Ziyan will try his best to find out from you where I'm going, do you understand?" Listening to Ruan Qiaoan's explanation, Chen Ye's heart is also somewhat relaxed, she does not believe in herself, but has her own concerns, thinking of this, Chen Ye's face showed a smile: "So this is the case!"! Joann, don't worry. Even if you tell me today, no matter how Lu Ziyan threatens me in the future, I won't tell him, okay? Really, I am really worried about you, so I want to know where you will go in the future, you have to believe me. ” Looking at Chen Ye is still persistent, Ruan Qiaoan asked IQ to sigh sadly: "Chen Ye, you know, I am for your own good, in case Lu Ziyan later in order to know some news from your mouth, take some things or people who do not like to threaten you, how to do?"? I don't want to embarrass you, you know? Chen Ye looked at Ruan Qiaoan with a smile: "I am not embarrassed, Qiaoan, you see now, our Chen family also collapsed, my father is still in prison, I am now alone, you say, even if Lu Ziyan wants to threaten me, what does he take to threaten me?" "I.." Ruan Qiaoan was still a little worried, but Chen Ye felt that her worries were superfluous, so he continued with a smile. Joann, don't worry, it's really all right. Besides, I just want to know where to find you when I miss you later, so I want to know where you will go. Chen Ye looked at Ruan Qiaoan affectionately. Ruan Qiaoan naturally knew that Chen Ye was for his own good, so she had no choice but to nod to Chen Ye: "Well, I'll tell you where I'm going after I leave, but you have to remember, no matter how others ask you, you don't say anything." "Well, I won't tell, so you can rest assured!" Seeing that Ruan Qiaoan finally relented, Chen Ye also put on a big smile on his face. In fact, I didn't plan to go far. Aunt Liu, who had just passed away, was the director of a welfare home. When I was very young, I was sent there because of a car accident at home. It can also be said that I grew up there, which is also my home! Besides, Aunt Liu has always taken care of me, so I have such a good relationship with her. "So are you going to go there later?" After listening to Ruan Qiaoan's words, Chen Ye asked cautiously. Ruan Qiaoan nodded with a smile: "Yes!"! I should have been there just a few days after Aunt Liu's accident, but there are so many things here, so I will put it off until today. "In fact, at the beginning, I was also very worried, because there are still a lot of students in the welfare home,Coil Nail Making Machine, I do not know how they are now without Aunt Liu." "But later, a government official in our town called me and said that he had sent someone to take care of me and let me rest assured, so that's why I'm not worried these days." 。


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