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"Where is it?"? Brother, how can you doubt my ability to teach? After all, he is a boy with my slippery ghost blood. How can he grow crooked? Look, the carp companion will be as good as my brother and me! "Nu Liang's face is full of confidence, saying that even if he is free range, his son, the slippery ghost, must be a high-quality monster full of charm when he grows up, which makes the little girl cry out."! Will never grow crooked ~! "Don't be narcissistic?"? Are you really not ashamed to praise your bloodline in a different way? I helplessly hold the forehead, well, although this guy's blood is really good, but this is not the reason he often talks about ah fall! And don't you think there's something wrong with your last sentence? Shouldn't it be like you and Yingji? Like me or something. Are you kidding me? "This is the truth ~!" Slippery ladle handsome to the little monsters not far away winked and threw a kiss in the past and said as a matter of course. ……” Looking at the screaming and fainting little monsters, I covered my face silently. Can Nima's moral integrity be lost more thoroughly? "Uncle, I heard that you were there when my father and mother were married, so can I just be like you and your mother?" The carp companion suddenly disliked his father very much, so he asked with a serious face with a tender little face. Cough, cough, cough.. It means I'm surprised! Who told him about it? There should be no one else,Inflatable dry slide, right? "Disliked!"! QAQ!” Nu Liang suddenly wanted to burst into tears. Is there something wrong with his education? The carp companion actually dislikes himself! “……” Shy and silent Yingji. = mouth =! The baboon, the cow ghost, and the crow Tengu, who had just arrived and heard such a powerful message, also followed him. Help! What did they just hear! Did the general and Lady Yingji still have a threesome with Mr. Xiao Wu when they were in the bridal chamber? That's terrible! This is not true! This is absolutely not true! How could the gentle and introverted Lady Yingji agree to such an unreliable thing? This is absolutely because they are hearing voices. Say for a long time. Ahem! Actually, it was only three years ago. It is said that three years ago, after Nu Liang defeated the feathered fox and returned to his home base,Inflatable water obstacle course, Ukiyo-e, he happily arranged his wedding with Princess Yingji. As the general of Nu Liang Group, he naturally won't marry his beloved woman very hastily. The wedding must be grand, right? As a big monster who is full of charm and commands one side, there are naturally many monster leaders in other areas who are good friends with him. Knowing that the bride of the slippery ghost turned out to be a beautiful human princess, for a time, both close and distant monsters flocked into Nu Liang's mansion to watch. Fortunately, Xiao Wu contributed one of the courtyards of his shop to receive them, otherwise Nu Liang's group would lose face ~! This is nothing, after all, Yingji is not an ordinary woman, this kind of scene she can still hold up, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable water park factory, even in the face of grotesque and ferocious monster is still gentle and calm. The monsters who came to attend the wedding said that they were indeed the women that the slippery ghosts took a fancy to, but they were different! What a hostess! The slippery ghost is so lucky! Everything was going well until the wedding night! Look at the restlessness and be touched by yourself, no! It was Princess Yingji, whose face was pale and bubbling with cold sweat as soon as she got close to her, who was completely in trouble. It was at this time that Nu Liang knew that there was not only premarital phobia in the world, but also the legendary phobia of the bridal chamber?! Nu Liang slippery ladle is really depressed, obviously before touching the small hand, cuddling the small waist and so on is just blushing and not so strong reaction ah? Why can't it work at the critical moment? Ciao! This is absolutely impossible! After discussing with his nervous and anxious wife, Nu Liang ran directly out of the door with two tears in his eyes to seek help from his omnipotent elder brother. Although being teased by his brother is a very shameless thing, but for the sake of happiness, he still has the cheek to resist! After that, it was almost a matter of course. Under the gentle and loving care and consolation of her elder brother, Yingji finally relaxed and no longer refused the close and touching of Nu Liang's slippery ladle! Just as her elder brother felt successful and walked out of the door, Yingji, as if she had been electrocuted, pushed away the slave who was holding her! Then the little face turned white, and the cold sweat came out, and soon soaked the clothes on his body. QAQ! Brother, don't go! I can't live without you Looking at this situation, Nu Liang immediately swooped out of the door and hugged his brother's legs, which he had not yet had time to open, and then looked at the kelp with tears. Silently looked at each other for a long time to reach a consensus, Nu Liang slippery ladle while there is no monster around, even dragged his speechless elder brother into the house, and at this time, Ying Ji unexpectedly miraculously good?! ***! Is it evil? Could it be that there is still a distance limit for the elder brother's'big brother next door gentle healing technique '? Nu Liang, who did not believe in evil, pushed his elder brother out of the door and turned to look at Ying Ji. Yingji's face was pale, her brows were wrinkled, and her whole body trembled nervously. The corner of the eye jumped, and Nu Liang dragged his brother into the room again. Yingji breathed a sigh of relief and looked over gently. Push the door out again. Cold sweat, anxiety. Drag it through the door. The complexion is ruddy and the body is relaxed. Push out the door. Restless, frightened to look around. Drag it through the door. A reassuring nod and a smile. Nu Liang slippery ladle said he believed in evil, this is really a distance limit ah XD! Entangled and covered his face for a long time, he decided-the second Austria! Must fall in the bridal chamber today! Although I'm sorry for my brother, but for the sake of a better married life, I can only trouble my brother to stay here tonight. As for the problem of shyness. Master Nima, I have already lost my moral integrity. Are you still afraid of being surrounded by your elder brother? As for Yingji? I think she will not object, who let only the elder brother around her will not feel nervous? After all, brother, I don't care about being surrounded,inflatable amusement park, I really don't care at all. = Dish =! How is it possible to stop being an asshole! Even if the moral integrity has long been lost, how can this kind of thing be done in front of the elder brother without any care?! In case the nervous little slippery ladle can't stand up, how can it be broken. joyshineinflatables.com


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