Everything about Path of Exile 3.17 update

As players know, Path of Exile: Scourge was released in October 2021 with the release of the game’s 3.16 update.

As players know, Path of Exile: Scourge was released in October 2021 with the release of the game’s 3.16 update. However, if some players don’t like the changes introduced by Scourge League, don’t worry, as the next big game update is just around the corner. They can buy POE Currency to get themselves into the game early and have a greater advantage.

Grinding Gear Games has yet to provide a specific release date for the Path of Exile 3.17 update. However, they gave a “rough” plan for when the next major game update will be expected. Path of Exile 3.17 is currently expected to launch with the 3.17 expansion in early February. That means the Scourge League will run for at least two weeks. The explanation given by GGG is that they want to give their staff the freedom and flexibility to take time off during the New Zealand summer and recharge for the coming year.

Grinding Gear Games gave fans some more details on the release of Path of Exile 3.17 later this year. Unfortunately for Scourge lovers, this is bad news. Because many players have said that Path of Exile: Scourge is the most interesting expansion right now, both in terms of game mechanics and game difficulty. They also spend POE Chaos Orb on it.

So will Scourge be the core mechanic of Path of Exile’s next expansion? The most concise answer is no. GGG currently has no plans to bring Scourge back. It may still return in the future, but GGG can’t show currently when it will show up or what Scourge will look like as a staple of the game. If players have unfinished challenges in this Scourge, then players need to seize the last two weeks and use all means to complete these tasks quickly, including spending POE Currency to improve combat capabilities.

Grinding Gear Games has responded to what fans have been calling for a new hard mode. Testing for this new experimental mode has been frozen until after update 3.17 is released, they said. Players are looking forward to the new expansion to bring them a unique experience, and players’ desire to buy POE Currency will also be affected by this. Anyway, please look forward to everything.


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