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This article mainly introduces the operation technology of the Powder filling machine, and briefly introduces its filling method and setting of filling weight.

Today Beiltmachinery, a professional powder-filling machine supplier, will introduce the operation technology of this powder filling machine, hoping to help you use the powder-filling machine better, and then come with me to find out.

semi-automatic Powder filling machine is often used with an automatic feeding machine. The powder filling machine measurement method uses the number of screw rotations to measure the weight of the material; the powder filling machine automatically feeds the material through the material level sensor and the supporting screw feeder.

1. Filling method of Powder filling machine

The filling method of the Powder filling machine mainly has two options: manual and automatic; when the machine is in use, both manual and automatic methods must turn on the vibration (stirring) mode of the operation interface, which can prevent the machine from running. When feeding, the material in the barrel will form a cavity, causing the weight to be low!

2. The time setting of the powder filling machine vibration (stirring) mode is determined according to the actual feeding time.

For example, it takes 3 seconds to fill 450 grams of material, discharge from the discharge port, and completely enter the packaging bag; then the time of vibration (stirring) mode is preset to 3.5 seconds. When filling other weights, the preset time is 0.5 seconds longer than the unloading time.

Powder filling machine

3. Powder filling machine automatic filling mode

If the machine is set to automatic filling mode, the automatic delay time on the operation interface refers to the interval between unloading and the second unloading; the automatic delay time should be longer than each bagging, unloading, and second loading. Bag time!

4. Setting of filling weight of the Powder filling machine

The weight of the filling is obtained by adjusting the number of turns; the number of turns is proportional to the weight of the material; for example: when filling 450 grams of powder, the number of turns is displayed as 05.12, then when the filling volume is changed to 400 grams, It is necessary to adjust the value of the circle to become smaller and reach the appropriate state!

5. The power consumption problem of the screw feeder

The power consumption of the screw feeder must be obtained from the Powder filling machine; direct connection to other power sources is strictly prohibited! The screw feeder itself has automatic loading and unloading and overload protection functions;

When the screw feeder automatically feeds and the powder reaches the material level sensor, the feeder automatically stops; when the powder is lower than the material level sensor, the feeder delays for 10 seconds before automatically feeding; during normal production will loop this function;

If the powder material is mixed with sundries, lines, etc., causing the feeder to be blocked, the feeder will automatically stop due to the increased load and the overload function is activated; when this happens, the main machine must be turned off. Power supply, clean up the sundries mixed in the powder material, and then restart the feeder;

The powder-filling machine stops production. When the powder in the pipeline of the screw feeder needs to be cleaned, the function switch of the feeder should be turned to Feeding, and then the outlet at the lower end of the feeder should be opened for discharging!

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