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The optimal choice of injectors is not only dependent on how your truck has been modified.

The fuel system's job is to extract fuel from the fuel tank and transport it to the engine, where it is sprayed into the trumpets where it mixes with air before entering the cylinder where it is burned to produce torque. F1 Injectors The fuel system is built to recover fuel from the tank and increase and regulate this pressure using a sophisticated mechanical pump. The fuel must be delivered to the injectors at the proper pressure in order for the amount injected to be precisely metered.

The optimal choice of injectors is not only dependent on how your truck has been modified. If you intend to acquire custom tuning for your truck, your decision will also depend on your personal preferences and those of the tuner. Additionally, F1 Injectors the choice and whether you must maintain emission compliance depend greatly on the primary use of your truck.

For the lesser Stages of our injectors, we have conducted emission testing in the state of Washington. For the MY03 and MY4.5 truck, Stage 0.5 of the 5.9l Cummins engine passed without adjustment. For Stage 1s to pass the idle snap test, a tune will already be necessary.

With a stock tune and a stock truck, the Stage 1.5s for the 6.7l truck passed the test (no deletes)Our Stage 0.5 and Stage 1 injectors are the most often utilized Stages for street trucks and daily drivers. Stage 1s are made to get the maximum power from a stock CP3's range of 680–710WHP.

If you don't want to employ custom tuning, stage 0.5s have the same nozzle but a shorter mechanical injection time, which has advantages, especially while towing since it will provide you lower EGTs. (Using earlier timing and a shorter period with the ECU is comparable) Here is a recommendation for choosing the appropriate injector set if you require more horsepower than that:

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