How does "Lost Ark" compete with the other two ARPG games for players' favor?

I thought it would be interesting to compare other hit games of the past decade (i.e. Diablo 3 and Path of Exile) with Lost Ark.

I thought it would be interesting to compare other hit games of the past decade (i.e. Diablo 3 and Path of Exile) with Lost Ark.
The first is click. This is the heart of all ARPGs, as pressing the left mouse button attacks on-screen enemies, and this basic feedback loop can keep players engaged in an ARPG for tens of hours. Of the three, Lost Ark's skills cool down too quickly and don't require many basic attacks. And Diablo 3 has a lot of click time. In the early days of the Path of Exile game, there are more opportunities to use basic attacks, but whether you use powerful skills or totems and other mechanisms, your character will quickly leave the left mouse button. Lost Ark's basic attack is messy. Path of Exile's left button is more functional, but lacks dynamism. Even heavy hits on the ground can cause considerable damage to the enemy. So Diablo 3 wins.
Comparison of skills and abilities
A wide range of active skills and abilities flesh out the ARPG's combat system, defining a character's fighting style and affecting enemies in different ways. A key component of ARPG action is the need to find the most effective combination of these abilities. All three games are strong in this regard, but Lost Ark is a bit better than the other two. This is mainly because Lost Ark is a newer game with more powerful graphics. In The Lost Ark, every power reaches its limit in a short period of time, and every skill is designed with first-class audio-visual effects for it. Beyond that, how to gradually transform your character from a little guy to a walking fission reaction, removing obstacles in their way, is one of the main attractions of an ARPG. This requires players to unlock more power and get better equipment. But a good ARPG will allow you to modify your class to maximize your character's murder metric by modifying active and passive abilities. All three games tackle this problem in different ways, but Path of Exile's approach to development is more original. Here, you can create a completely unique destiny for your characters, away from their intended path, so that direct conflict can be avoided entirely by relying on summoned raiders. An ARPG is incomplete without loot, and the design of an ARPG loot system can have a major impact on the core experience. As with The Lost Ark, loot is scarce and predictable, and at the bottom of the gold stack is the Lost Ark. The best loot is often locked behind multiplayer-centric gameplay elements such as raids and regional bosses. The game has also added some more compelling Lost Ark Gold gear to its central questline, just to give you the occasional look at your gear stats. Among them, Diablo 3's loot display design is the best. As you rummage through the bookshelves to find corpses, you open chests that will spit out coins at you like a broken slot machine. Overall, Path of Exile's gem system does the best job of providing a steady stream of interesting loot. Each loot has a different number and combination of slots for inserting gems, which can help you have more fun while building your character. Combined with the more typical ARPG stat boosts for all individual items, you have a loot system that keeps you thinking about how best to equip your character.
In general, these three games can allow players to experience high-quality ARPG, but each has its own emphasis. The Lost Ark is a great choice when you want to attack your enemies in the biggest and most spectacular way possible. But it's hard to experience the basic attack thrill of Diablo 3, and its loot system is much better. While Path of Exile is more austere by comparison, it has unrivaled character development and the most engaging loot system.

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