Which is the best app development platform: CodeIgniter or PHP Developer?

PHP is a general-purpose computer language also referred to as scripting language. This language is used by developers to specify a web application's structure.

PHP stores and retrieves the data from the backend database to make the layout dynamic and interactive. Developers utilise CodeIgniter to fetch data from the database (CI). In order to construct and maintain the data flow from DBMS, Codeigniter, an open-source PHP framework, offers a collection of libraries and methods that call for a codeIgniter developer. Important characteristics and the requirement hire codeIgniter developers underneath:-

  • Since CI is a lightweight framework, it uses less memory and improves the process of developing apps.
  • CodeIgniter apps are faster to load and perform accurately.
  • CI developers install a feature that is ‘loosely coupled’ in a CI app. This feature makes it easy to maintain and upgrade.
  • Developers use MVC architecture and keep the app secured by keeping the data, business logics and frontend separated.
  • CodeIgniter Developers can modify and update the application designed using PHP CI framework

Can a PHP developer perform the role of a CodeIgniter developer?  

CI is a PHP framework which offers various key benefits to CodeIgniter app users hence a question to hire dedicated PHP developers in place of CI developer or vice-versa is quite commonly discussed. In regard to this, it is advantageous to understand the differences between both platforms. So, some prominent key difference between PHP and CodeIgniter are underneath:-

  • PHP is vast and extensively used for various types of application development including Art Entertainment, science education and many but CI solely is enough to design an application.
  • PHP supported by a large community developers’ is a programming language but CodeIgninter is a framework designed in PHP. 
  • PHP is faster and compatible with almost all types of frontend and backend development tools and programming languages but this type of flexibility is absent from codeIgniter.
  • CodeIgniter is light in weight and provides an ease of app development but PHP needs expertises in this programming language.
  • PHP is compatible with other PHP frameworks including Laravel HTML5 for interactive application design but CodeIgniter does not do so.

However, PHP is stronger than CodeIgniter but to manage the database, it needs CodeIgniter or similar type of other framework at the backend of the database to send and receive mails and other useful information. Hence it is essential to hire dedicated CodeIgniter developers along with PHP. And for the best designs of your website you can hire UI UX developers from ScalaCode with the hassle free process.


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