The Important Roles of Elderly member in Family

In Mayberry, we value and honour families and the various roles that each family member plays.

We must be happy that people are living longer than ever before and that the population is ageing. After all, not very much is better than not living as long. However, a lot of the discussion in the media focuses on the weight of our ageing population and the negative changes that come with ageing.

In Mayberry, we value and honour families and the various roles that each family member plays. Of course, it is not unexpected that we emphasise the contributions of elder family members and how crucial it is to keep including them in family life.


As they age in place and carry out their crucial family roles well into their 80s and beyond as carers, teachers, mentors, heroes, friends, and guides for their grandchildren as well as their adult children, their extended family, and their community, more and more senior citizens are choosing home care services:


1.    A Different Perspective


Businesses all around the world are recognising the value of intergenerational diversity and implementing programmes to rehire older workers or even former employees to challenge more young viewpoints and provide a different perspective. Although intergenerational diversity brings equal benefits and outcomes for individuals involved, we frequently primarily think about variety in terms of culture. The expertise of our parents, grandparents and other elder relatives can help us comprehend how an idea has changed over time and add depth to our understanding of why we are where we are now.


2.    Mirroring Society


Encourage your kids to spend time with older family members as they get older so they can meet people from different backgrounds and learn about people who may have had different upbringings than they did. This will help them prepare for leaving home. We can all reflect on our ideals and evaluate our behaviour using criteria other than those of our immediate peers when we spend time with grandparents, elderly friends, or other relatives.


3.    Providing Care


Australian grandparents alone gave an estimated 58 hours of free in-home care per week in 2018, relieving the financial burden on the family and assisting their daughter or son in returning to the workforce while also providing a safe, caring environment for the grandchildren. But let's face it, even if you're the primary carer at home with your kids, today's parents are overworked, and the demands of modern parenting can put a great lot of strain on the time left for enjoyment. Grandma comes on! Older family members frequently have more time to spend playing with younger family members and frequently add an element of adventure or enjoyment to games and activities that would otherwise be lost in the logistics. Grandparents relieve the primary carer of some of the burden and offer the chance to share not only the love but also the never-ending duties of parenting.


4.    Advice and Methods


Parenting is a talent that we never entirely perfect but one that we learn on the job. Every year, there are new developments and developmental benchmarks, and every child is unique. You cannot learn everything you need to know from a book. If you ask your grandparents, aunts, uncles, senior cousins, or close family friends for advice, you can also get physical and emotional support. It may take some patience on the side of both parties to strike the correct balance between asking for help and always being told how to parent better. But when we just don't have an answer, straightforward communication might make it easier to accept the guidance an elderly relative can offer from their own first-hand experience.


5.    Requiring a hero


Older family members are a source of motivation for younger ones because they have frequently experienced war or tougher circumstances. Children learn that difficulty can be overcome through perseverance and hard work by listening to their stories of overcoming it or simply navigating life over a long period of time. A younger child can benefit greatly from having an older family member serve as a mentor, inspiring them to pursue their dreams. This is equally important. Grandparents can become an extension of the unconditional love offered by family in situations where parent-child relationships are difficult.


6.    There is no such thing as being too old.


The ability to stay socially engaged and connected to family and friends, on the other hand, is one of the nicest things you can provide an ageing parent or loved one. It has been demonstrated that maintaining brain activity through conversation and social interaction can delay the start of cognitive decline. In fact, at this time, the only known factors in avoiding dementia are exercise and social interaction.


According to research, older adults who age at home are more likely to stay linked to their neighbours, friends, and social networks. Caregivers can offer options to make sure a parent or elderly relative can still visit family, go shopping, engage in strength or exercise programmes, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy a day outside, even when age may limit mobility.


The perspectives of the larger family are framed by older family members, and the future of younger generations is shaped by their wisdom, serenity, reliability, and unconditional love. The contribution of older Australians to society cannot be ignored, even while an increasing number of people in their 60s, 70s, and beyond are choosing to stay in the workforce in some way. Recognizing the important role older members of our family play in our immediate family and the larger community is important. Whether they volunteer in hospitals, libraries, or schools; care for grandchildren so their children can enter the workforce; or simply teach and mentor younger family members and give them a sense of fun and adventure.


And keep in mind that even though you still feel like a 20-year-old, ideally one day you will be the "older" family member. It's in our best interests as a group to embrace the virtues and qualities of elder age!



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