Choosing a Professional vs. Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Sean specializes in maximizing a property value with his 29 years of real estate experience and his extensive experience flipping homes.

Real Estate Agents. As with any industry, there are some agents who know less than you do, but there are also those who are experts in their field and worth every cent of their fee. Please DO NOT consider their income, but rather the value of the services they may deliver to the Seller.

When you give a low commission, it is possible that the property may not sell, and you will be disappointed. Would you work on a project if you knew you would not be compensated or that you would receive a considerably smaller commission than another seller? Not with a superb agent!

A top real estate agent is aware of the property's value and may propose any repairs or enhancements that may be required to sell it. Do your homework. Do not use a real estate agent who will work for a cheap listing fee or get you to market your home at a very high price.

They work part-time, or they are a friend or relative of someone with whom you cannot express your viewpoint freely. You will regret it sooner or later! If there is a short sale, there is no issue; the lender(s) will pay a fair commission, and many competent brokers have expertise representing sellers in such transactions.

You have a limited amount of time to sell the property, and you must do so in a professional manner. Employ the finest, pay a reasonable commission, and you will have no regrets. Focus on the prize and pay close attention to your interests.

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