Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be the most comprehensive in the Animal Crossing series after the update

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New Horizons is more than just an Animal Crossing game. By combining the concepts of past installments and derivative products, New Horizons is becoming the ultimate version of Animal Crossing, the most comprehensive game in the 21-year history of the series. On the 15th, you should have seen or understood some of the content about the next update. To be honest, this time it is also possible to bring back some old players. I hope that we will not be disappointed by that time.

When you come to New Horizons on November 5th, you are likely to see the elements of the past Animal Crossing game that you have missed. At that time, we will welcome everyone's favorite fun, Brewster Café. Also when Kapp'n came back, he brought us the sea shack that fascinated us, on the way to Tortimer Island of New Leaf's 3DS.

Kapp'n is a master of various means of transportation. He also acts as a bus driver, taking us to Animal Crossing: the name city in the urban folklore of the Wii. That city is a center where you can get a haircut from Harriet, buy furniture or visit the shoemaker Kicks. Reid, a legal art dealer, even opened a shop there. Now Kicks, Redd, Harriet, etc. will open shops on Harv's transformed island. This is not a city, more like a large flea market, but the idea is the same. In the real animal crossing fashion, we players can spend money to achieve it.

Not only did we get content from previous games, but we also got a valid sequel to Animal Crossing's most successful spin-off product "Happy Home Designer". The $25 Happy Home Paradise DLC basically adds a brand new game to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In DLC, we will help villagers realize their own private holiday houses, listen to their requirements, and do our best to create an island resort that suits their needs.

Nintendo is integrating all the advantages of Animal Crossing into a huge new vision package. We tasted the taste of the city, tasted some exquisite coffee, tasted the taste of home design, and even tasted the long-awaited delicacy of the frog chair.

All this plus there is no sign of Animal Crossing: the boring dumpster fire at the Amiibo festival. It sounds like Nintendo really knows what fans of this weird little franchise like, and they put it all in one place. Different favorite elements will appear in the same game, so how come this game has not many fans? Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and Animal Crossing Items.

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