Creation of Marketing Materials for Books and Assistance with Book Sales

The standard sales tools for each book, such as the description in the seasonal catalogue of the publisher's list, are developed by the book marketing department in collaboration with the promotion department prior to publication.

These are used by the sales department to promote the book to potential buyers such as bookstores, gift shops, libraries, etc. BookExpo America and the fall trade shows held by the regional independent bookseller organisations are two examples of the types of events that receive this level of support.

Point-of-Sale Creation of Advertising and Marketing Tools
Bookmarks, posters, and other point-of-sale materials promoting books to customers are all the responsibility of the book marketing services companies. Due to their high production costs, physical point-of-sale materials are becoming less commonplace as online book sales channels expand.

(At brick-and-mortar chain stores like Barnes Noble, where point-of-sale promotions (such as a book's presence on a seasonal table display) are determined by the account, not the publisher's marketing department, and are paid for out of the account's cooperative advertising funds, commonly referred to as "co-op,")

Crafting Ad Campaigns for Social Media and Bloggers
In some publishing houses, the marketing department is responsible for contacting book bloggers and other related bloggers; in others, the publicity department is responsible for liaising with the media, including bloggers.

While some social media campaigns (for big-budget books) may be created in-house, the bulk of the work in creating an author platform is left to the author themselves.


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