Connection Between Pregnancy and Bone Density

Let us see what actually happens to the bones during or after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the most emotional phase in a woman’s life and it is the stage of life where strict care is required. It is often said that during pregnancy, the expecting mother needs double the nutrition for healthy fetus growth while maintaining the woman’s health. 

Pregnancy is also associated with certain health issues where bone-related problems are more common. In this post, our focus will be largely on discussing the connection between bone health and pregnancy. 

Orthopedic problems are debilitating and in serious cases, they often require surgical intervention. For superior quality orthopedic devices, find reliable Orthopedic Products Manufacturers.

Let us see what actually happens to the bones during or after pregnancy. 


How do Bones get Affected by Pregnancy?

The fetus requires nutrients for its growth development, and the requirement is fulfilled by the food the expecting mother consumes. This is why it is often advised to take a highly nutritious diet during pregnancy. Similar is the case with bone growth in the fetus, the calcium is extracted from the bones of the mother. Thus, a diet that lacks calcium could result in severe orthopedic problems after pregnancy. 

Considering this, the doctor always prescribes supplements to fulfill the increased need of the body. Besides this, a proper diet is also recommended to support medicinal supplements. 

Now, if we speak logically, pregnancy is good for bones. You must be how? Estrogen levels are at their peak during pregnancy and that promotes the growth of healthy bones. But we don’t deny the fact that pregnancy can affect bones badly, this occurs after birth. Once pregnancy is over, estrogen levels drop and that negatively affects our bones. 


When Pregnancy Causes Orthopedic Problems?

It is a fact that most women suffer from orthopedic problems after their pregnancy. Where back problems are common. This is because of the stress of the baby’s weight. In most cases, the condition is mild whereas sometimes they may become worse. 

Women who already are suffering from orthopedic problems and health issues that make calcium absorption difficult are high at risk of suffering orthopedic issues. Some women have a family history of osteoporosis and they could experience the same after pregnancy. In such cases, it is advised to be extra careful. The first thing you are required to do here is to discuss with the doctor such problems right when your pregnancy is announced. 


How to Prevent Severe Orthopedic Problems After Pregnancy?

The first and foremost thing you are supposed to do is follow the doctor’s instructions and be regular with your appointments. The second point is to take medicines regularly and focus on having a complete diet. 

Besides all this, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising, avoiding junk food tobacco, and weight management. 

So, you need not worry about thinking that pregnancy will cause orthopedic problems as this is not the case. The chances are there but this doesn’t mean that you will get into a severe problem. Just focus on a healthy lifestyle and listen to your doctor. 

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