There are several reasons why the Canon printer doesn't print correctly. By troubleshooting the printer, the user can identify the problem. The printer software has options for troubleshooting the printer. Before providing a solution for why my Canon printer won't print, the user must be aware of some of the causes of their issues. There might be several causes for canon printer not printing in color. This comprises:

  • The ink in the ink cartridges has run out.
  • Corrupted printer driver.
  • A paper jam has developed.
  • The ink is not genuine.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Errors in the setting of the printer.
  • It has a damaged or filthy printer head.
  • The firmware for the printer was improperly installed.

SOLUTION 1: Verify the installed ink cartridge.

An empty cartridge is among the most frequent causes of color printing problems on Canon printers. To begin with, make sure the cartridge still has ink in it. Open the printer's front door first, then gently and carefully remove the cartridge. Keep an eye on the ink levels.

SOLUTION 2: Make sure the printer driver is updated.

Many problems, including problems with color printing, can be brought on by an outdated and defective printer driver. Try updating the Canon printer to the most recent version of the user has trouble printing in color. Visit the website to get the official printer driver and download it. Then the user may install it on the computer and see if the issue has been resolved.

SOLUTION 3: Check if color printing is enabled on the Canon printer.

If the user hasn't enabled it, printing could have some problems. Verify that color printing is enabled on the Canon printer. If not, the user should go ahead and turn it on. The user must enter the Start menu on the computer connected to the printer to check the settings. Select the Canon printer from the list of available printers, then click the Properties tab.


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