How To Fix Hotmail account not syncing issue?

Are you having the email syncing issue on the hotmail account? Well, this generally happens because of the incorrect username or password error. If you don't know how to fix it?

These days, Hotmail users are dealing with lots of issues with their outlook account. one of them are synchronization issue. when a user tries to send or receive the emails on the hotmail account. It won't respond to the outlook servers. If you don't know how to fix it on your account. here are the guide to fix it on your device. 

How to fix Hotmail not syncing emails issue? 

  • When Hotmail can't recieve emails , it means, there might be something wrong with the internet connection. so you need to check the internet connection on the phone. 
  • Let's go to the hotmail account settings, here you need to delete the mail filters and forwarding settings. now check the account settings and other details as well. if hotmail servers are not working fine. you need to reset the connection. 
  • Please clear the cookies and cache settings of your browser. make sure that the servers are working perfectly fine. in case, if your Hotmail account is still not working, you need to reset the computer. 
  • When HOtmail is not working on the mail application, you need to check the imap and pop3 server settings. most probably, something is wrong with the mail filters. so you need to update the mail problem. 
  • Let's delete the current account from your phone and then re-add the mail account. It will start working. 

So these are the steps to fix the mail problems. in case, if you need to more help. here you will find the complete guide. 

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