Do you know what to pay attention to when using the power switch?

Power switches are ubiquitous in our daily life, and there are many precautions when using power switches

  1. Application scope of switching power supply

Switching power supply products are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifiers, electronic refrigerators, liquid crystal displays, LEDs Lighting, communication equipment, audio-visual products, security monitoring, LED light strips, computer cases, digital products and instruments and other fields.

  1. Precautions for switching power supply

Before using the power supply, first confirm whether the input and output voltage specifications are consistent with the nominal value of the power supply used; before powering on, check whether the input and output leads are connected correctly, so as not to damage the user equipment; check whether the installation is firm, and the mounting screws and the power supply board components are not. No contact, measure the insulation resistance between the casing and the input and output to avoid electric shock; in order to ensure the safety of use and reduce interference, please ensure that the grounding terminal is reliably grounded; the power supply of multiple outputs is generally divided into main and auxiliary outputs, and the main output has excellent characteristics For auxiliary output, under normal circumstances, the output current is larger than the main output. In order to ensure the output load regulation rate and output dynamics and other indicators; it should be noted that the frequent switching of the power supply will affect its life; the working environment and the degree of loading will also affect its life.

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