Urmia University of Medical Sciences

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Urmia University of Medical Sciences in Urmia, West Azerbaijan was originally established in 1980 as the Medical School of Urmia University. In 1985, it separated from Urmia University and established itself as a university in its own right.

The university is now made up of seven schools, namely: Medicine, Allied Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Health, Nursing and Midwifery, and Dentistry.

In addition to research, Urmia University of Medical Sciences has five different teaching hospitals in West Azerbaijan. Imam Khomeini Hospital is the largest university hospital in the region with a unique trauma centre and residency programs in more than 12 different specialities such as general surgery, internal medicine, pathology, urology, orthopaedics and anesthesiology.

Various events and activities are organized throughout the year, including tours to Urmia and Iran, holiday celebrations, student competitions, exhibitions and workshops.

Also, there are various sports teams for both men and women.

Urmia University of Medical Sciences has established relationships with universities around the world, carrying out academic exchanges, scientific research cooperation and the opportunity for students to study abroad.


Advantages of MBBS in Urmia University of Medical Sciences

MBBS in Urmia University of Medical Sciences has several advantages compared to other universities:-

There are no additional fees or charges for admission.

Simple enrollment process

A fair price payment system

Low living expenses

International recognition and exposure

High-quality teaching materials.

Academic buildings are attached to student accommodation.

Students can study from highly trained and professional professors.

Well-equipped testing laboratories

Multicultural environment


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