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Brandon Green is a fan of the Joe Rogan podcast.

Brandon Green is the host of the Lets Go Brandon Green Podcast, he started in 2022 and has signed up over 40 episodes.


Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience, interacts with guests in real time to create a very unique podcast. Guests who are visiting the studio live speak to him and his audience rather than those who have recorded their podcasts separately and remotely using Zoom or Skype.


However, Joe Rogan’s podcast features a diverse group of guests and listeners are able to find others with similar interests. In mimicking the Joe Rogan Experience, Brandon includes many of the show’s elements.


Brandon wanted to ensure that his fanbase was heard and thus he named his podcast the “Let's go Brandon Green podcast.” Brandon first got the idea of his name catching on worldwide when he heard people yelling “let’s go Brandon!”


A wide array of guests have been interviewed on Brandon's podcast. The backgrounds of the guests are very diverse.


Many experts come on TalkSPORT, such as doctors, lawyers, authors and hypnotists.


Many entrepreneurs and life coaches have been on the Let's Go Brandon Green Podcast to talk about their latest work, just as Brandon has had many guests on the show.


After a successful first season, Brandon is hoping for an even better second season.


Most people can't make the waitlist for a podcast with a month-long delay, unless they have very high follower numbers. As the show has seen success, most people are now having doubts about coming on the show due to high listenership.


Brandon now has over 1500 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He's working on growing his other social media profiles as well. The more subscribers he has, the more people will see his work and the greater his success will be.


Brandon's favorite podcast recording service is Riverside.Fm, which allows for high-definition uploads. Some of their other features include built-in pagination, auto-preview and a custom landing page for each episode. The end result is a beautifully designed, high quality hosting platform that's perfect for Brandon and his guests.


Brandon lives in Australia, but has been to many different countries all over the world. He lived in Japan and Thailand.


Brandon's been to Eastern Europe, China and Colombia - he can relate to and understand many different cultures.

To listen to the Let's Go Brandon Green podcast, you can visit the website at You can also follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


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