Why is outlook search not working ?

When Outlook search is not working on mac computer. it means, something is wrong wiht the user account or password. so here are the guide to fix it on your device.

Microsoft outlook 2022 is one of the most popular email client software. It is fully loaded with many great features. Which makes it more productive easier to use.

However, sometimes, users can have trouble in accessing some operations on the outlook mail account. Outlook search button not functioning problem is one of them. When they press the search button, it won’t respond.

If you are wondering about why is the search button not working on the outlook mail application? Generally, it happens because of the incorrect username or password errors.

in case, How do I fix Outlook search not working? Here are the guide to fix the problem.

How to fix the outlook mail account problem?

  • When Outlook search is not working on the computer. you should close it from the task manager. To do that, you need to click on the run taskmgr ok. Now select the outlook mail application and click on the end task option. Once you will restart the task manager, you need to restart the pc again.
  • Let’s make sure that the outlook application is not corrupted. When outlook application is corrupted. It may have trouble in accessing some of the important features. So you need to go to the about section on the outlook. Now click on the update now button. finally, your outlook mail application will start updating the documents.
  • If search button is not working on the outlook mail application because pc configuration issue. When pc starts performing slow, you will start having the troubles in accessing the some features in outlook mail application. so you need to update the outlook mail application. After that, your mail application will start working fine.

Once you will change these settings on the outlook mail application. it should be running fine on all of your devices. in case, if you need more help. you need to visit askprob blogs. Their you will find the complete guide.


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