Chasing the ex-husband of the president

Chasing the ex-husband of the presidentChasing the ex-husband of the president

Secretary Zhang, I have told you several times that important documents must be classified and reported to me. If you had listened to me, the document would not have been lost! "I, I.." The secretary trembled in horror and whispered, "The president.." I really put that file on your desk! She doesn't know what's wrong with the president. She always loses her temper for no reason recently. He used to be cold, but he wouldn't have lost his temper like that. How dare you say that? Will the document run by itself? Yan Shaoluo was already in a bad mood, and now he's even more angry. Sorry, president, I help you find! I'll help you find it! The secretary was so frightened that tears came to her eyes and her hands trembled badly. Seeing her trembling appearance, Yan Shaoluo felt a burst of depression in his heart. Forget it, you go! "President, I'm really sorry, please don't fire me, I really need this job." "I'm not firing you, I'm just letting you out first!" Hearing what he said, the secretary went out crying. Yan Shaoluo fell down on the leather chair, holding his head in one hand and sighing with annoyance. What's wrong with him recently? Why are you acting like a tyrant? No matter what happened before, he would not bring his emotions to his work. Mu Zilan's influence on him is really too big, perhaps he should take a holiday, let oneself relax. He sat up and opened the drawer to rummage through the papers. Suddenly, the eyes were attracted by a beautiful gift box at the bottom. He looked at it steadily for a long time, and then reached for it as if the magic had been broken. Opening it, a glittering platinum ring lay there quietly. So holy, so dazzling, as if carrying a sacred dream. A year later, it was still as easy to recall him as it was to see it in the window for the first time. Yan Shaoluo slowly took it out and put it together with the male ring on his ring finger. Suddenly, an idea came into his mind that he would propose to her. Only in this way can I stop worrying about gains and losses and really have her. But what came out at the same time was the bloody scene of her falling down the stairs. He had just bought a ring and was walking home excitedly. Walking to the door, he even recalled the words over and over again. But when he got home, he saw her lying in a pool of blood. The curse, once again, has come true. Now, a year later, if he proposed to her again, would the same tragedy happen? Yan Shaoluo's heart was cramped and full of worry. On the one hand, he was anxious to really have her, on the other hand, he was afraid of cursing, afraid that she would get hurt again. But She has waited for him too long, and he has hurt her too much. If she continues to drag on, she may give up him and fall in love with Yan Shaofeng. Their relationship is getting better and better now! No way! He can't let that happen! He must ask her to marry him, even if there is a disaster, Pallet rack beams , he will stand in front of her. Maybe the power of true love can break that curse? After a fierce psychological battle, Yan Shaoluo finally made a decision. As if he was afraid of going back on his word, he quickly took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Mu Zilan. Tonight at 8:00, Helen Church. I want to see you for something important. The moment he pressed the call button, his heart relaxed a lot. Drop- "The mobile phone on the table vibrated a few times, Mu Zilan picked up the mobile phone, the eyes jumped a few times.". Is it tonight? I didn't expect him to be so calm. Helen's church, you don't want to propose to her, do you? Mu Zilan was startled by his own idea, and then laughed at himself. Impossible. His heart is made of iron. How can he give it to others easily. However, this at least shows that her plan is half successful. These days, the reason why she was so close to Yan Shaofeng and deliberately alienated him was to stimulate him. She took advantage of his possessiveness to anticipate his action. She wants to make him jealous, make him jealous, make him feel heartache, and finally. Let his heart die completely. Seeing that her plan was about to succeed, Mu Zilan thought she would be happy, but on the contrary, she felt even heavier. And some, undeniable guilt. After all, Yan Shaoluo was really good to her, and she just wanted to get back at him. If he knew the truth, he would be very sad, right? Mu Zilan shook her head and tried to drive those undeserved and benevolent thoughts out of her mind. He had hurt her so cruelly, and he deserved it, and she must not relent at the critical moment. Besides, what she did was nothing compared to what he did. Ruthless, Mu Zilan said to herself that she did the right thing, she could not let go. But Is this really what she wants? Helen's Cathedral is empty and quiet. The sun shines down from the top of the sky, and it is golden all over the ground. The church is very big, on the colored glass, each kind of image is shining in the sunlight, holy and tranquil. A tall figure stood in the middle of a row of neat seats. His figure stood tall and quiet in the empty church. Today, he seems to be dressed up deliberately, dressed in a luxurious Versace white suit, showing his tall and handsome, slender and perfect figure, all over the body exudes impressive nobility and cold pride. He should be a man who can trample the whole world under his feet, but somehow, at the moment, he makes people feel a little nervous. He seemed to be waiting for someone to come. Yan Shaoluo drew a cross on his chest, "Amen!" He didn't believe in this originally, and all his beliefs were only himself. However, he was a little nervous, eager to find some spiritual sustenance to relax himself and not be so embarrassed. He turned his head and looked through the rows of seats to the door. At 7:50, in ten minutes, she will come from the gate, and their fate will change. The ring was held tightly by him, and it was boiling hot. A beautiful smile opened on his lips.


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