Just waiting for you to look back.

Just waiting for you to look back.Just waiting for you to look back.

This is her daily routine when there is no class in the morning, and she is used to getting up and having breakfast. Strange to say, when she was at home, she could sleep until twelve o'clock, but when she came to school, life became so regular. Ni Shuangshuang had seen nothing strange for a long time. She put on her clothes in a hurry and said anxiously, "Mi Mi, go and help me to pay attention to whether there is a boy who can be seen in the TV. I can dress up!" Shu Mi took a bite of the bread. "No one has come yet. You have enough time to dress up." Ni Shuangshuang repeatedly shook his head: "That can not, if there is no eye, I dress for who to see ah!"! "Isn't this losing your wife and losing your army? How expensive it is to make up once!" Shu Mi thought for a moment and felt that there was some truth in it, but she kindly advised: "Love is always caught off guard." Ni Shuangshuang suddenly somewhat dejected: "You say, when can I meet my sweetheart?" "The moon at the bottom of the sea is the moon in the sky, and the man in front of you is the man in your heart." Ni Shuangshuang took a look at the opposite person and chose to climb into bed silently and go back to sleep. By noon, almost all the dormitories on the fourth floor were equipped with televisions. After Anran got up, he excitedly pressed the remote control switch, adjusted the channel, and heard such a dialogue: "Long Er,Portable gold trommel, your appearance has not changed at all, but I am old." "It's not that I'm old, but that my son has grown up." It turned out to be the scene of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnv's reunion after 16 years in The Return of the Condor Heroes. Jane poked her head out of the bed curtain, full of gossip: "I saw someone on the Internet before saying that it was actually the daughter of Xiaolongnv and Yin Zhiping who met Yang Guo again after 16 years." "Ah!"! Is it fake? Anran obviously couldn't accept it. Whether it's fake or not, Yang Guo doesn't lose money anyway. Is this a question of loss or not? It's a matter of principle, okay? Jane stretched and said, "Well,chrome washing machine, well, don't break the principle. Why don't you go out for dinner when I get up?"? I heard that the newly opened chicken pot at the North Gate is good. Ni Shuangshuang still did not make up and chose to give up: "Where to go after dinner?"? Classes don't start until four o'clock in the afternoon. Shu Mi answered, "Ran Ran and I are going to the auditorium. The activity will be held in the evening. We have to go again to see if there are any problems." The student union, an event that will attract the attention of the whole school, will be held at 8 o'clock tonight. At that time, the president and the deans of all colleges will attend. Seats are very scarce. There are only two places in each class. Others can only stand at the door and get a glimpse or watch the live webcast through countless heads. Ni Shuangshuang took the time to go through the back door: "Can you take me in by the way when you see it?" Jane jumped out of bed in her pajamas, revealing her slender white legs, and said very seriously, "If you are only eighty pounds thinner, I can think about it." “......” At half past seven in the evening, the auditorium of C University was already full. The officers of the Student Union Office and the Ministry of Culture are making final arrangements. Shu Mi checks the list of appearances and confirms the order of appearances again and again. As soon as he turned around, he saw Tian Yi leaning back in his chair and staring at himself motionless. Shu Mi did not pay attention to her plan, Carbon in Pulp ,manganese beneficiation plant, passed by her side, was about to pass by, Tian Yi suddenly opened his mouth, tone with a smile: "So your boyfriend is Xi Yu ah." Laughed again, as if relieved, "No wonder you don't like Zixiao." Finally no longer pretend to call the chairman, the first two times really hold back for her. It seems that Tian Yi doesn't want to hide anything anymore, or doesn't want to hide anything for someone anymore. Shu Mi felt that there was no necessary connection between the two, and even if there was no meeting, she would not necessarily have anything to do with Xu Zixiao. Tian Yi said with a smile, "It's really thanks to you that I can invite Xi Yu. Am I picking up a big bargain in vain?" It is rare to be able to pick up a bargain so confidently these days. Shu Mi answered with a smile: "The bargain you picked up will be returned one day." The voice of the host sounded on the stage, and the opening was a stereotyped expression of welcome and thanks. Shu Mi didn't want to be entangled with Tian Yi too much, so she went to the side of the stage to watch together after finding An Ran. After the opening, it was a boring leader's speech. Finally, the first person to speak on the stage was the first major in mathematics. Perhaps because of his slightly rustic Mandarin and ill-fitting suit, the audience's interest was somewhat weakened. An ran indissolubles: "How can you arrange him in the first?" Shu looked at Li Tong and smiled helplessly. Li Tong felt that the first mathematics department was so different that it would certainly attract everyone's attention, so he tried to arrange him to be the first, but it backfired and had a negative effect. Perhaps because of the fashion Monday, everyone's aesthetic has returned to the normal level. She looked embarrassed, and even the face of the office minister was not good. Moments later, the third man had stepped down, and Shu Mi suddenly felt a little nervous. Yes, the fourth one is Xi Yu's turn. When Shu Mi was ten years old, she happened to turn to a book in the library and said that the lucky number of Pisces was "four", so she had a lingering obsession with the number four. For example, at this time, with her "personal feelings", she changed Xi Yu from the finale to the fourth. The explanation she gave was that the fourth one was already so excellent that people would think that the latter one would be better, so they would not leave halfway. But they all knew that they could not find a better person than the fourth one. Xi Yu walked slowly onto the stage, and suddenly there was a whisper from the girls below, and the content can be imagined. He was wearing a smoky gray shirt, and the cuffs were still rolled up, revealing a delicate wrist bone with a silver watch. The lower part of the body is a pair of simple black trousers, which are well-cut and pleasant. Between every move, the strength of character appears. Shu Mi suddenly felt some regret to let him speak, if Ni Shuangshuang here, will teach her: handsome boy is the world's shared resources, to drag out everyone to enjoy it together. Xi Yu looked indifferent, gently put down the manuscript, glanced around,portable gold wash plant, paused for a few seconds in the direction of Shu Mi, and then drew closer to the microphone and began to speak. Hello, I'm Xi Yu from the Department of Architecture. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com


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