Oriental jade to ward off evil spirits

Oriental jade to ward off evil spiritsOriental jade to ward off evil spirits

The eyes of a young man with a pale golden face are so familiar to him! He Could it be him. Ding Tianren said indifferently, "You can go, but Jin Shaoquan and Bai Shaoyun must stay." He changed the accent, Wen Jiugu naturally can not recognize, to know a person's voice, even if the learning of "voice change", can Change, but the original accent, there will always be some. Red son looked at him a pair of familiar eyes, the heart has been suspicious, and then listen carefully, pale gold-faced young man after speaking. Sound, also quite similar to him, the heart can not help but a burst of beating, thought to himself: "If the pale golden face of the young man in front of him is really like him." Then, in this short period of time, how can his martial arts be so profound? Wen Jiugu thought to herself that she was no match for this young man. "Red, let's go!" He shouted. Red son tightly stared at Ding Tianren one eye, then lowered his head and turned to follow the master behind him. Jin Lan chuckled and said, "Elder brother, it seems that Miss Hong'er has already recognized you." "How could that be?" Asked Ding Tianren. Jin Lan grinned and said, "Didn't you see that when she left, she looked at you and showed her reluctance to leave.." At this point, I suddenly remembered that I was a daughter, how could I say such a thing? His face suddenly became hot and uncomfortable. Go on thinking. Ding Tianren also said to her that his handsome face was hot and he said with a smile, "Don't make fun of my second brother." Just as Yi Yunying was coming, he said. "Congratulations, Elder Brother," he said. "You cut off Wen Jiugu's poison stick with one hand. No wonder you scared her away." Ding Tianren said to Wang Xiaoqi, "Brother Wang, we can take the men in." Pick up Bai Shaoyun with one hand and face the forest first. Walk. As expected, Wang Xiaoqi picked up Jin Shaoquan and followed him. Jin Lan whispered to Yi Yunying, "His martial arts are very complicated. He's much better than us." "We can't be worse than him now," said Yi Yunying. Thirty-six swordsmen of the Red Spike Hall were trapped by seventy-two maids of the Goddess Palace in the "Morning Clouds and Evening Rain Array", which had been clearly distinguished before Figure, time is a little long, but feel left and right before and after the knife light like snow, all over the sky and the ground,coltan ore processing, each swordsman even if the martial arts are not weak, but the body In other people's mobile array, not only in the number of one enemy two, the most trouble is that they are attacked wave after wave. Next, but can not find an enemy to let go. As a result, the number of thirty-six swordsmen, who did not distinguish between north, south, east and west, was gradually decreasing, but there was still nothing. Sleep! Ye Qingqing and Ji Zhongzhong, the leader of Hongsui Hall, had already made a hundred moves. Ji Zhongzhong was able to become the leader of Wulin Alliance Hall, and his martial arts and swordsmanship It's extremely high. Ye Qingqing is taught by the elder sister Sanhua Fairy. She is not weak in martial arts, but she is still young after all, and her skill is not good. Foot, a little longer, it appears that the internal force is not continuous, so the "Goddess Palace Sword" is mainly light, plus the "Cloud Body", coltan ore processing ,small gold wash plant, people Shadow flying, unpredictable, can support invincible, but also play sweaty, charming panting! Just then, I heard a very thin voice in my ear and said, "Well, Miss Ye doesn't have to fight. Hurry up." "" When Ye Qingqing heard this, he gazed at Ji Zhongzhong, who was indeed holding a sword in his hand, and walked there, motionless, as if the situation had already happened. When he was caught in the acupoint, he was so happy that he shook his wrist and sprinkled three sword shadows, which touched three acupoints on his chest. "Ding!" Just then, in the "morning clouds and evening rain array", there was also a sound of Qingpan! When Ye Qingqing heard this, a smile appeared on her flower-like face. She said to herself, "The thirty-six swordsmen of the other side are all under control." Live! "" Only Ouyang Sheng and Sanhua Fairy are still in a fierce battle, the two sides do all kinds of tricks, still no one can win, but in the "Chao" In the cloud dusk rain array "spreads the sound of a clear pan, scatters the flower fairy jade to brush a wave, in the mouth Jiao shouts:" Stop! " Ouyang Sheng closed his palms and raised his eyes, saying, "The Lord of the Qin Palace has called a halt at this time. I don't know what to say." The Flower Fairy had already handed her sword to the maid behind her. She raised her hand to sweep the cloud hair and said with a smile, "Vice General Protector Ouyang won't face the body." Is it clear after looking at it? As soon as Ouyang Sheng's heart moved, he hurriedly turned around and looked up, but saw a circle of 72 goddesses in the "Morning Clouds and Evening Rain Array". At this time, the maids slowly retreated from the middle to both sides, and each maid, holding a pair of knives in her hand, stood in two lines like wild goose wings. Standing in front of them is the red spike hall troops he brought, the hall leader Ji Zhongzhong and his 36 swordsmen, at this time. All the swords in everyone's hands had been taken down, and the people were standing still, clearly restrained by the acupoint. What surprised him most were Yu Canghai, Qingzhu Shenxiang Wentian, Wen Jiugu, and Wang Shaosan, who dressed up as Ding Tianren. People, until this time, still no one, he really can not believe that the whole army will be wiped out tonight. Ha-ha Ouyang Sheng suddenly gave a ha-ha and said, "The'Morning Clouds and Evening Rain Array 'in the Goddess Palace is really fierce, but here it is." The seventy-two maids in the hall must be the elite of the master of the Qin Palace. There are also seventy-two swords in each hall of the Wulin Alliance Hands, that is, as far as the Red Spike Hall is concerned, only half of the hands came tonight. Even if they were captured, it was only one tenth. If Wulin Lian The alliance mobilized all the people to come. Can the Lord of the Qin Palace compete with the Wulin Alliance with the Goddess Palace? What he said is true! The Fairy of Scattered Flowers shot out two shining eyes from the veiled gauze and said in a cold voice, "The Goddess Palace stands in Jianghu and has always been the same as Wulin." The river water does not interfere with the well water. For the first time, you attracted the people of the Yangtze River Alliance in an attempt to blame others and kill 19 maids in my palace. The second time the leader came to provoke, how can the Goddess Palace allow the provocateur to succeed? The blood debts of the nineteen maids must be paid. Wait for me to find out. On that day, the murderer of'Changeable Magic Skill 'will never forgive him. Although these people were taken down, I don't want to kill more innocent people. You can take them with you Go, but I want to warn you solemnly that if anyone dares to invade the Goddess Palace again, it will not be as cheap as tonight. As soon as the voice fell, the left hand whisk gently waved, the body like flowing clouds and flowing water, when first floated toward the gate of the Goddess Palace. Then two small rings in Tsing Yi, four evil spirits guarding the sedan chair,mineral flotation, and then Ye Qingqing and seventy-one maids, divided into two lines, lined up and retreated into the palace. Go. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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