Immortals' Urban Life After Marriage (Morality)

Chen Mengfan was dizzy when he heard the age of Shuxuanzi, but he was soon attracted by the noise.

"Human life is just an experience, after the experience to the Palace of Hell to walk around, and then continue to experience a non-stop cycle, when you wake up in the dream of life will find their own sad, everyone alive is looking for happiness, satisfaction, security, but happiness is always short, satisfaction is always unlimited." Safety is also relative. Why do we pursue these things? The reason is actually very simple, because we have been drifting in the bitter sea of life for too long, if we don't jump out of the dream of reincarnation life, we will never wake up, we will always be drifting in the bitter sea, life will always be controlled by the gains and losses of the past. "Shen Fangtong may have been with Shuxuanzi for a long time, and he also likes drinking, but he doesn't drink much, and he drinks red wine." "I understand, I understand a lot." After listening to Shen Fangtong's words, Chen Mengfan laughed happily. He was so happy that his eyes were full of light and enlightenment. "Sister Fangtong, you know so much. Is this the way you follow him to practice and understand?" Chen Mengfan asked with a smile, and when he saw Shen Fangtong drinking up another glass of red wine,alumina c799, he quickly picked up the bottle and poured Shen Fangtong a glass. These are not my understanding, are the original words he said to me, I just copy and say it again, to understand Taoism can be done in a day or two, it is difficult, ah, Dao Dao Dao,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, very Dao, Xuan, very Xuan, I almost every day is not to learn Qimen Dun Jia Shu is to read Taoism Zang, many days to understand is not even fur, if not every day can pester him to ask more questions. Learn more, I'm afraid my entry will be even slower. "Shen Fangtong sighed. It takes a long time to understand the real Taoism. Even if a mortal cultivates Taoism with the guidance of a famous teacher, it will take at least 50 years to achieve a little success. Look at those cultivators. Which of them is not an old monster over 100 years old? Moreover, it can be said that there is no one in a hundred who practices to the yuan Ying period. Many people can't break through the golden elixir period and finally die of old age. Only when the elixir is broken into a baby can they really step into the door. "No wonder you are reluctant to leave him for a moment," Chen Mengfan muttered, in fact, Shen Fangtong has a reason to want to be with Shuxuanzi all the time, but this reason Shen Fangtong did not have the nerve to say, "Monastic people are not forbidden to women? How did he. Chen Mengfan suddenly thought of this problem again, for the book Xuanzi love beauty Chen Mengfan always some do not understand. He is immortal, steatite c221 ,Kamado bbq grill, the heart is not stained with the slightest mortal dust, if you think he will really be infatuated with women is a big mistake, he came to the mortal world this time is just a coincidence, do not use your past thoughts to judge him, he does not belong to the scope of our understanding, his age alone can scare us to death, in his own words, he has lived for billions of years. And "Bang!" Before Shen Fangtong had finished speaking, there was a loud noise in the hall. Chen Mengfan was dizzy when he heard the age of Shuxuanzi, but he was soon attracted by the noise. Shen Fangtong and Chen Mengfan walked around the bar to the hall after some surprised, unexpectedly broke in more than a dozen people, these people are not ordinary thieves, because they are holding knives and ropes in their hands, the first two people dressed in bright clothes, arrogant momentum, standing there with their hands behind their backs, Zhou Dawei and Gu Yuping are standing here and confronting them, there is still a person rolling on the ground. A look is the other party's person, should be Zhou Dawei or Gu Yuping's hand. Who are you? Why break into people's houses? Chen Mengfan said angrily, the hand also took out the mobile phone to call the police, Chen Mengfan was a policeman, a natural thing is to follow the normal procedure, the alarm is the first thing to do, her mobile phone has not been opened by Shen Fangtong pressed, Shen Fangtong Chong Chen Mengfan shook his head, Shen Fangtong practice Qimen Dun Jia has been a few months, due to the recent increase in mental strength, So her cultivation has also increased a lot, learn Qimen Dun, people do not have to ask, Shen Fangtong heart has long been a warning sign, recently someone may come to trouble, and not ordinary people, these people came to Shen Fangtong to understand. "You four obediently go with me, lest we start", one of the two leaders is wearing a yellow suit, more than forty years old, two moustaches, looks a little funny, but the eyes are triangular hanging eyes, Shen Fangtong knows that this person is a ruthless guy, her main occupation is fortune-telling, this professional habit really comes in handy now. The other man, dressed in blue casual clothes, with his hands behind his back, his face gloomy and his eyes half squinting,Ozone generator ceramic plate, was not a kind man. The moustache saw that Shen Fangtong and others simply ignored their words and snorted coldly. A spiritual shock wave rushed over in an instant. Shen Fangtong also sensed a spiritual pressure. With her eyes closed, she concentrated her spiritual force to fight back. The two spiritual forces collided in the air as if they were two shock wave bombs. The wind immediately lifted up in the hall, and the two shock waves made the people on both sides take two steps back.


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