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But even so, Zhou Heng is still willing but unable, in the face of twelve people at the same time attack, Zhou Heng constantly avoid

But even so, Zhou Heng is still willing but unable, in the face of twelve people at the same time attack, Zhou Heng constantly avoid, constantly looking for opportunities to attack. But after all, there is still some disparity in strength, even if he escaped the attack of eleven people, but as long as he was attacked by one, his fighting capacity would be greatly reduced, but Zhou Heng took out the highest strength and mental state, after all, he could only withstand the attack of five or six people. There was no way back, and people were already rushing up from another building. There must have been a sniper. Zhou Heng scolded secretly. The speed he was most proud of was brought into full play without reservation, and with his unique power, he shuttled between the twelve men, and the dagger was a ruthless killer, destroying everything he touched. The red pupil shines like a bright spot of fire, which makes people dare not look directly. As an alien, Zhou Heng understood that he was bald at the moment. There is no need to hide any strength. The novel is published in ωωω. All the movements he used yunxuange. Com were brought into full play without any pause. The dagger crossed. If you can't make a hit, you can change another opponent. At this time, Zhou Heng was like a crazy cheetah, his body was cunning, leaving only a residual shadow,Time Delay Faucet, and the sniper on the opposite side failed to aim several times. That's sick! That's sick! Zhou Heng faintly heard a curse coming from the top of the opposite building, smiled, bypassed three people to attack at the same time, pulled a man, the dagger mercilessly harvested his life. I finally killed one! Once a team's defensive line is broken through, it is only a matter of time before it collapses. But can Zhou Heng hold out until then? One of his opponents died, but his condition was not very good. His sweaty clothes had been torn, and there were blue and purple wounds on his smooth body. Although the pain was not as painful as his opponent's bleeding,Prison toilet for sale, it was all internal injuries. Even if Zhou Heng can walk out alive this time, he will not be able to recover without ten days and a half months. Zhou Heng's speed was slightly better than that of the twelve night warriors. He fought guerrilla warfare with ease, looking for a breakthrough where there were few people. As long as there were more than three people gathered together, Zhou Heng would escape. If he was alone, Zhou Heng would look for an opportunity to harvest his life mercilessly. In less than ten minutes, Zhou Heng's body was covered with blood, and with the dim red light from the blood pupil, it was very strange. The more Zhou Heng killed, the heavier the damage he suffered. Although the attack of the opponent of the bare-handed peacock was not enough to be fatal, the wound left behind was very serious. After several times, Zhou Heng's eyes had gradually shaken, his vision had gradually become blurred, and his hand holding the dagger had gradually become laborious when he raised it. Is this the limit? Zhou Heng did not have time to consider, is still to play their greatest level, a knife will be his arm out of a shallow bloody mouth, to stimulate their spirit. Zhou Heng did not want to die, stainless steel shower tray ,push button toilet flush valve, did not want to die like this, so he had to fight, fight until the last moment. The night warriors were expressionless, even as they watched their companions fall in a pool of blood with their necks cut. Except that the handsome man at the head will show a trace of panic. However, people with feelings are the most terrible! Zhou Heng's biggest opponent among these people was the man, so at first Zhou Heng tried to avoid confrontation with him, and if he was entangled, it would be dangerous. Zhou Heng could not expose his back and weak places, but kept shaking and swimming in the crowd. Although it was attacked from time to time, there was no fatal damage. And now Zhou Heng's blood is all from other people. Those lives that he mercilessly harvested. But the feeling of powerlessness in the heart is more and more intense, Zhou Heng is the first time to face such a strong master, even never do defense, only know how to attack blindly, like. Like a killing machine. Zhou Heng even cut off his arm after they did not see the slightest pause, is still holding the other hand rushed up. Zhou Heng is frightened by this kind of play, is it possible that these so-called night warriors are transformed people? The term "transforming people" had its embryonic form a long time ago, but because of the influence of world outlook and morality, there is no possibility of its development. But there are some organizations that have this ability, need unique leadership, and huge capital chain, and these Vatican churches are not short of, so even if they do it, it is not surprising. Thinking of this, Zhou Heng seemed to suddenly discover something, threw the dagger in his hand to the ground, and tore off the remaining clothes on his body, revealing his lean body. To deal with such unconscious people, we do not need cruelty, but strength. No wonder why it's so difficult to kill an opponent with a dagger at first. If you don't hit the vital point, you can't kill the living dead at all. Clenching his fist, the bones of Zhou Heng's whole body made a crackling sound, which was particularly clear in the dark. The snipers on the other side also stopped looking for an opportunity to attack, in which case they were a little overwhelmed, and most of them flew away. Are you kidding? Who's ever seen this before? Completely desperate, everyone is covered with blood, completely confused who is who. This kind of horrible and disgusting picture has scared off many people, and the rest of them have no intention of making a move, just want to stay and witness the incredible scene. Of course, even if you want to shoot, they don't have a share. In this case, you can't tell who is who. How can you aim at it? Zhou Heng unreservedly displayed his ferocious personality, his fists were like iron, and every blow was hard-hitting. The bones of the night warriors should be transformed, but Zhou Heng has not flinched, every punch has played the greatest strength, and it is this state of rage, every punch down if there is no can see a faint red light, extremely strange. Zhou Heng did not know how many circles he had waved, his eyes had been covered by blood, and if he saw a shadow,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, he would attack the past without reservation, and he did not have any worries. At this moment, it was his greatest hope to live.


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