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Sun's father gasped for breath and then heard Sun Di say slowly, "How many couples have remarried after divorce? I don't have a big conflict

Sun's father gasped for breath and then heard Sun Di say slowly, "How many couples have remarried after divorce? I don't have a big conflict with Dongnian. Don't break this hope!" Grandfather pursed his lips, his chest kept rising and falling, and finally stopped clamoring. Sun Hui was "picked up" by He Zhou, and his mind was always confused. She had not eaten a drop of water or a grain of rice all day, and her footsteps were already weak. I don't know how heavy the wounds on her body were. At first, the pain reached her heart and lungs, and then she seemed to be numb. In the middle of her walk, she had a brief fainting in front of her eyes. When she woke up, she had been picked up by He Zhou, and a soft touch came from her forehead. He Zhou tested the temperature with his lips and said softly, "I don't have a fever." The alley of the farmer's house is long and curved, and moths come and go under the light, flying slowly with the pace of He Zhou. Sun Hui pushed him feebly, a little conscious, she inexplicably flustered, "I." I'm going back, I'm going home! He Zhou lifted her up and opened the door of the rental room with one hand. Before he opened his mouth, he suddenly saw Sun Hui struggling in his arms. He tossed his head a few times and retched. He Zhou immediately put her on the bed and took the dustbin to let her vomit. He vomited for a long time but did not see her vomit anything. Sun Hui covered his stomach with pain, and a tear fell from the corner of his eye. Half an hour later, He Zhou bought two porridge and three light dishes,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and helped Sun back to eat. Sun Hui could not eat at first, and was forced to eat a few mouthfuls by He Zhou before she could hold back her nausea and eat slowly. Sweating all over again after eating, He Zhou boiled water, twisted a hot towel for her to wipe her face, and asked, "a little better?" Sun Hui nodded, and He Zhou brought potion and cotton to clean her wound. There were a lot of bruises, and the only damage was the calf and the sole of the foot. He Zhou raised her feet,Self-closing Shower Valve, her eyes sank, and the veins on her forehead stood out. "How long have you been walking?" He asked. Sun Hui was stupefied and said, "I don't know." Then he struggled to say that he wanted to apply the liquid medicine himself. He Zhou pinched it hard and said in a deep voice, "You won't. I'll do it!" At first, he didn't know how important it was. After he heard Sun Hui's "bang" a few times, he reacted. He took off some strength and tried to move gently. It took him a long time to clean up the wound. He Zhou saw that Sun Hui was always wearing a weak face, but his expression was always alert. After a pause, he turned on the fan and pointed to his bed and said: "Go to bed. I'm sleeping outside. If there's anything, we'll talk about it tomorrow." With these words, he went out, Sun Hui waited quietly for a moment, immediately limped to lock the door, a sticky pillow closed his eyes, but the dream was always bizarre, as if wandering between the actual situation, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Flushometer valve, she woke up in the middle of the night, listened warily to the noise outside, and then pulled the quilt to cry for a while, cried tired and continued to sleep, repeatedly several times, the pillow was wet. In the end, she felt that she was dreaming and could not tell whether she was really crying or not, nor did she know that he Zhou's so-called "sleeping outside" was sleeping against the gate. He Zhou did not fall asleep. He had been resting with his eyes closed, paying attention to the movement in the room. After a long time, he heard a few suppressed sobs. He opened his eyes and walked slowly to the window. He stared at it for a long time. It was not until the room was quiet again that he sat back by the door again, holding his head, and the fierce color in his eyes was deeper than a moment. When Huang Mao received a phone call from He Zhou, it was past midnight. He got up swearing, took a look at the caller ID, and shut up again. He Zhou's voice was a little hoarse, "Huang Mao, do me a favor!" "All right," said Huang Mao at once, "tell me!" As a result, this one busyness became three busyness, and Huang Mao grinded his teeth. The first favor is to help He Zhou find a clean hotel. The second favor is to help He Zhou buy some clothes for ladies. The third busy, He Zhouwei squinted and said slowly, "There is a Sunjia Hotel here at the North Station. Find some brothers to find out what happened. After that, I'll make plans!" Now that he wants to go to Sun Hui, he must be thorough! The author has something to say: It's hard to save a manuscript/ (o)/~ ~ In addition, it turns out that everyone has such a heavy mouth that I have to kill a lot before I can bubble up. The comments in yesterday's chapter broke a hundred. It's so sadistic./ (o)/~, I'll twist my waist if you take a bubble. For the sake of Old C's great cause of losing weight, we don't want to be overbearing. If we still want to be overbearing, I'll have to kill a lot again. Bare teeth ~ ~ ~ ~ Finally, thank you, Bawang! Qing'er threw a mine. Time: 2013-09-29 00:22:44 Big Dian Dian Xiao Dian threw a mine throwing time: 2013-09-29 00:27:54 Snake Sixth Sister Throws a Mine Time: 2013-09-29 00:32:32 Star throws a mine in my heart Time: 2013-09-29 16:21:16 Chapter 22 After getting up, Sun Hui finally saw his own appearance, chicken nest head, steamed bun face, bruised arm, broken leg skin, left foot has been abandoned. She grabbed her feet with a wrinkled face, the soles of her feet were pitted, and she applied the liquid medicine, which smelled like a smell. He Zhou took away the mirror in her hand and said, "I'll go to buy some medicine later. It's estimated that I can get better after a week." "A week?" Asked Sun Hui? I'm going to take the final exam. She can't go back to school to see people like this. Happy fruit should be happy. How can she show people black and blue. But she still did not dare to go home, but ran out too anxious, wallet, mobile phone, all kinds of documents, including books, all left in Sun Di's home. Thinking of Sun Di,Service Sink Faucets, Sun Hui was gloomy again. Yesterday's scene was vivid in my mind. As soon as the gate opened, Sun Di's questioning voice came immediately, but the gate blocked Sun Hui's view.


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