Shangguan Ding Qibu Gan Ge

Suddenly, with a slight cough, he hurried downstairs. A man was already sitting in the room. He was wearing a very low turban

Suddenly, with a slight cough, he hurried downstairs. A man was already sitting in the room. He was wearing a very low turban, covering half of his face. He was dressed incognito, like a scholar. Lord Lingyue whispered, "Master Xu is a true believer. I'm waiting for good news." The man who was known as Xu Xueshang said, "This matter concerns the lives of dozens of people in my family, and it concerns the lives of all the people in the world. How dare I neglect it?" Lord Lingyue said in a low voice, "Has Xu Xuetu, the former commander of my army, been arranged in the palace?" "This is the most effective chess piece," said Xu Xuetu. "How could I neglect it? The former commander of your army has been recommended by me to be the deputy leader of the imperial guards." He spoke in an old-fashioned manner, and although the Lord of Lingyue was slightly dissatisfied, the man in front of him was very skillful and mature, and his heart was greatly relieved. "What's the matter with the general?" Asked Lord Lingyue. Xu Xuetu said, "Marshal Wu is very popular with the troops. His family is loyal to the emperor. They have been important officials and generals from generation to generation. Although I have framed him in many ways, the emperor still refuses to deal with him rashly." Lord Ling Yue said, "If you encourage your trusted followers to riot several times in the capital, at least you will drive this man out of the side of the emperor in Beijing." "That's easy for me," said Xu Xuetu. "Tomorrow, on the sixteenth day of the seventh month,Stainless Steel Shower Tray," said Lord Lingyue, "I've heard that the Son of Heaven will offer sacrifices to Heaven in the suburbs. Is that true?" Master Xu nodded and said, "Exactly." "Tomorrow," said Lord Lingyue, "the officials will accompany the emperor in the northern suburbs. The palace must be empty. Send someone to steal the amulet of the military forces dispatched to Beijing for the young Lord." Xu Xueshang strongly objected. He shook his head and said, "The military forces in the capital are all in the hands of Marshal Wu. If the emperor finds out that he has lost his amulet, won't he frighten the snake?" Lord Ling Yue said, "Xiao Wang only needs to let one person look at it a few times,Flush Retrofit Kit, and then he can return the amulet." Xu Xueshang said thoughtfully, "Did the skillful craftsman come to Beijing again?" Lord Lingyue nodded and said, "He stayed in Beijing last time and didn't return with Xiao Wang." "That's all right," said Xu. "I'll arrange everything in the capital. I hope Your Majesty will succeed immediately. I.." "Master Xu," said Lord Lingyue, "is it difficult to spend money?" Master Xu nodded and said, "I've arranged it in secret. The right to spend money is amazing. There's not much left of the two hundred thousand taels last time." "That's easy," said Lord Lingyue. He took out a silver ticket from the draw and said, "This is three hundred thousand taels. It's up to you to use it." Xu Xueshang's face was full of joy. Lord Lingyue suddenly said, "There is still more than half a year to go. Xu Xueshang, take care of yourself." Just then, suddenly with the sound of footsteps in the corridor, his heart pushed open the door and went straight in. Xu Xuetu's face changed greatly, and he was frightened and frightened. "This is Xiao Wang's personal bodyguard," said Lord Ling Yue. "Don't worry, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, Bachelor Xu." Xu Xuetu is silent. "When the time comes," said Lord Lingyue, "it would be best for you to move the garrison first. Xiao Wang envies Beijing culture and doesn't want to attack and destroy the ancient capital for many years. So please ask Xu Xuetu to pay more attention." Xu Xueshang should be, he looked at Lingyue Lord, seems to be not enough. What kind of person was the Lord of Lingyue? He knew his mind at once. Suddenly he saw his heart twinkling in his eyes. He used the skill of passing on education in the Chamber of Secrets and said, "All you have to do is to capture Beijing. You can choose the dukes, ministers and princes." Xu Xueshang whispered in his ear, "I was a great scholar in the court, and I stood up to the prime minister as an equal. Your Majesty should know how much danger I was taking in the arrangement." Lord Lingyue smiled and said, "It's done. You are the first one. How about dividing the land with you as the boundary of the Yangtze River and Qinling Mountains?" "That's what I want," said Xu Xuetu. "I'd like to thank Your Majesty in advance." As soon as he bowed to the ground, Lord Lingyue just smiled. Suddenly he saw his heart turning around and wanting to go. He didn't miss any opportunity. He immediately said to Xu in a deep voice, "Tomorrow evening, Xiao Wang will first go to Shuangtiaozi Hutong to attack and kill Marshal Wu, so that there will be no elbows in the university." "What?" Xu Xuetu exclaimed? Your Majesty, you say. The Lord of Lingyue kept winking at Xu Xueshang. Xu Xueshang was so experienced that he knew there must be a dispute. "Your Majesty, be more careful," he said. Lord Ling Yue looked at the heart of his back and promised again and again in his mouth. His words were originally said casually, tomorrow look at the movement of his heart, the Xu scholar left, Lingyue Lord was waiting to go back to the room, suddenly the shadow in the courtyard rose and fell, flashed into three young people. Ling Yueguo called and said, "Is Lin Er back?" The three young men came forward together and prostrated themselves. Two of them were disciples of Kim Nam-do, the Western Sword God, who had come to Beijing with them. The other was the youngest. She was born with fine skin and tender flesh. She was as good as a woman. It was Lin Er who was the youngest. With a big sack beside him, he said with a smile, "Master, you have come to Beijing!"! Fancy meeting you here. He didn't seem to be afraid of Lord Lingyue. He laughed and laughed casually. Lord Lingyue laughed and scolded, "Where did you go again?"? "Don't be too happy to go back." "My disciple has taken a fancy to a noble young lady," said Lin. "She's really beautiful and beautiful. She looks better than an orchid. As long as my disciple fulfills his wish, he will dismiss his concubines and spend his whole life with her." Lord Lingyue snorted, "Every time you get a woman, you say that. I'm tired of hearing that. Is that the girl in your sack?" As the saying goes, "a man who knows his disciples is better than his teacher; a man who knows his son is better than his father." He knows this virtue of the baby like the palm of his hand. "The more chaste this woman is," said Lin, "the more I cherish her. At least I'll wait for her to change her mind." "Don't fool around," said Lord Lingyue. "If you really love her, you can take her back as soon as possible, or you can let her go." The woodland suddenly opened the sack, revealing a flowery girl, Lingyue Lord looked twice, also can not help but secretly praise unceasingly, turned into the inner room. The girl's acupoint was punctured and her whole body was soft. Woodland clapped his hand and solved her dumb hole. The girl opened her eyes, looked around, and began to shout abuse. Lin stretched out her tongue and said, "What a temper! Miss Zhuang,Time Delay Tap, haven't you scolded enough?" The girl kept on cursing. "Good girl," said Liner, "Xiaosheng really loves you. Otherwise he wouldn't have violated you at all." The girl scolded until her mouth was dry and her tongue withered. "What did you do to Grandfather Du?" She asked. 。


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