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Similarly, Pingtan in Fujian should be the closest place to Taiwan, so it can be used as the best place to communicate with Taiwan

Similarly, Pingtan in Fujian should be the closest place to Taiwan, so it can be used as the best place to communicate with Taiwan, which is conducive to enhancing the feelings of people on both sides. Ningbo needless to say, coastal cities, convenient transportation is the second, but also has a special significance, into a pilot can express the sincerity of this side. As for Shanghai, it was originally an international metropolis, and it was also the mother's home of the old lady and Madame Chiang, so both political and economic aspects were taken into account. Yu Qiu laughed: "There should be a Nanjing, ah, the same far-reaching significance, people even more memorable.". In addition, it can also open Harbin, which used to be known as the Little Paris of the East. Weihai is also very close to Japan, which can show our welcome to the non-governmental exchanges between the two sides. Her only concern now is that there are too many open places and people's minds are too much impacted, which will easily lead to riots. He Dongsheng was all smiles: "I can't say this clearly. What I said just now is also my guess.". It is estimated that only the old man himself knows the truth of the matter. As if everyone was used to one thing,metal cosmetic tubes, he gave orders, and the people below carried them out immediately. Why should such an order be issued? No one dares to ask, and no one will question. Except for Lin Bin, who doesn't know whether he is alive or dead. The Spring Festival is coming, and Dr. Kobayashi, who has collapsed several layers of skin, has successfully climbed back to Beijing from the field. He found that he had only been away for a few days,pump tube, and the world was like an earthquake. Well, there was an earthquake, and he wanted to go to the rescue. As a result, he was directly carried back by his teacher. All right, take a break. All the people have been transferred to Shenyang and Anshan. Less than 1000 people were really injured and needed help, and the medical staff nearby went up to support them and finished the work. It is said that the most critical situation is that several people were crushed to their legs, and one person's arm was broken by a machine. Others were sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by the cold weather and running around outside, and several old men had strokes. Add it all up, and the medical staff who have arrived in the disaster area are able to cope. It's better not to make trouble for people in the past when Dr. Kobayashi is a three-legged cat with two hairs. With the money to buy the ticket, he might as well save it and donate it to the people in the disaster area, and buy more food for them. Unfortunately, Comrade Lin Bin failed to go to the disaster area to feel the earthquake, plastic laminated tube ,custom cosmetic packing, but when he returned to the capital, he felt that his soul had been overwhelmed. In fact, he has heard about the establishment of the special zone. The last time the old man called his comrades over for a meeting, when Deng Gong left, he discussed with Mr. Wang the issue of setting up a special area. It's just that a little more time has passed. The winter is not over yet, and they have already confirmed the list, and then announced it at the press conference. As time went by, the old man became more and more reluctant to move, so he leaned back on the recliner with his eyes closed and asked, "What did they say?" Comrade Kobayashi's question was not answered, and he was forced to be a secretary and read the document in his hand obediently: "The reporter asked us if we were ready to fight."? That's why we have such a large-scale military exercise. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was just a misunderstanding and that all we did from the beginning to the end was an earthquake evacuation. Because the earthquake was predicted, people had to be evacuated as soon as possible. However, the international community generally believes that this is just an excuse, and what this action really wants to show is the high-speed action quality of all Chinese soldiers. In less than 12 hours, the Chinese completed the evacuation of two industrial towns with great efficiency. Even if there was an earthquake later, their response ability was world-class. The 7.3 magnitude earthquake did not cause any deaths, which is the greatest miracle in human history. The old man laughed out loud. "Military exercises?"? This is a good military exercise. I think so. Lin Bin looked carefully beside him, touching his nose and emphasizing: "I think they have no way out.". No earthquake, who said clearly, if the time to issue a warning, but the result is no earthquake, when the time comes will be said to be a waste of money and manpower. The old man waved his hand and said, "You are still a doctor. Have you ever given a child a preventive injection?"? Even if you don't get vaccinated, there is no guarantee that you will encounter this disease in your life. Vaccination may also be dangerous. Maybe you didn't get the disease, but you got it. But do you want to have a vaccination? You still have to fight. It's more dangerous if you don't fight. To do things, we should grasp the big and let go of the small, and don't always think about what to do if we fail. This is a retreat, but the earthquake did not come, nor is it a big mistake. Lin Bin: "But it will be a waste of money and manpower, and it will cause great losses if the construction and production stop." "It's nothing compared to the lives of so many ordinary people." The old man was in high spirits. "If the preparations are well done, the loss will not be so great.". It is to cause losses, and then work harder to make up for the losses. This military exercise is well done, very interesting, and the place chosen is also very good. The old man laughed, like a child seeing something new. "They must not know what medicine we sell in the gourd." "We don't know," Lin complained. Then why not open Harbin? If along a circle, the Heihe River is also OK, there. He stopped his mouth deeply, his eyes were wide open, and his expression was extremely innocent. His geography is not good. He doesn't know where it is near. But the old man laughed: "The Soviet Union wants to associate with us, and we are not saying that we can't.". We have scolded the US imperialists for so many years,empty lotion tubes, but we can also sit down and have a good talk. It's the same. The Soviet Union is the same. We seek common ground while reserving differences. We are all socialist countries anyway. Lin Bin was completely dumbfounded. He didn't understand what the old man wanted to do. He is like an enthusiastic chess player, dropping pieces on the chessboard at will, and no one can tell what each step means. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-29 08:00:29 to 2019-11-29 14:10:52. emptycosmetictubes.com


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