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She hastened to say, "I don't deserve it. I should respect you." Liu Jie touched the next cup with her: "Let's not stand on ceremony, come on."

She hastened to say, "I don't deserve it. I should respect you." Liu Jie touched the next cup with her: "Let's not stand on ceremony, come on." After taking a sip of juice, Ou Yangshan asked, "How many months have you been?" Liu Jie touched her stomach with a happy expression: "It's only three months old. It seems to be a little older. They say it's Shuang'er." "Maybe I'll do a B-mode ultrasound in a few days." "If only it were true. My husband and I both like children. It's better to have a boy and a girl. It's better to give birth to them all in one breath." Ou Yangshan asked doubtfully, "Your lover didn't come." "A little while come over, I vomit recently, let him help me buy some plum, fruit peony bark and so on." Liu Jie laughs: "Now I can't live without these at all." She breathed a sigh of relief: "The words plum is OK, but the fruit peony bark cannot eat, this hawthorn kind of thing pregnant woman must avoid certain food". "Really?" Liu Jie's eyes were round. "I've eaten a lot. Is it too late now?" "It's all right. Just don't eat it now. Aren't you uncomfortable?" She looked at her stomach with a little envy. "You are also a person who likes children. Why don't you plan to give birth? Chen Wen is not young." Sister Liu said, "I think he also wants it. A while ago, he told me that he also wanted two." She did not answer but looked at Chen Wen, who was greeting people not far away. Sister Liu sighed and patted her on the shoulder. "Ou Yang, it's not easy for him to be outside. There are wolves in front and tigers behind.". Chen Wen is a child's temper, playfulness is a little big, but he is sincere to you, you should be more considerate of him. She lowered her head to drink the juice disguisedly. Sister Liu went on to say, "I understand that it's not easy for you. There are a lot of little girls around this boy. He also likes to make a joke or something. Others have the intention to spread it to the outside world. No one can do anything about it. But I assure you that he hasn't done anything too out of line. I've been working with him since the establishment of the company. This boy has a good face. How many times have I told him?" But you can come out to accompany him is the best,aluminium coated steel tube, after all, some occasions need you to press the scene. "She paused, thought and said:" We always accompany him is not a thing ah, after all, there is a family, a long time is not natural. " "Sister Liu, I know,side impact door beams, thank you." She was a little annoyed and a little ashamed when someone broke her mind. "It's great that Chen Wen has your help. I don't understand things in the market. I can only trouble you to pay more attention in the future." Liu Jie's expression was a little stiff, as if she didn't know how to answer, and then she thought about it and said, "You're going there, shouldn't I be?" "No, I really should thank you. What you said just now made me breathe a big sigh of relief. You know, I have been in the hospital for a long time. I can't tell the truth when people tell me something. I can only think about it. We are all women. You should know what I think. It really helps me to be so open and honest with me." She took her hand: "Really, Sister Liu, can you tell me that? I really thank you. "You this child, really" Liu Jie wry smile: "cheat you do not have the heart, Chen Wen has you such a wife also do not know what the previous life accumulated." "He has such a good partner as you," she laughed. Suddenly she heard the beeper ringing in her bag. She quickly said sorry and took it out to see. "You are busy first, I go to help Chen Wen, stainless steel tube 304 ,beam impact tubes, don't let people pour" Liu Jie patted her, "good girl, Liu Jie really has the heart to make friends with you." She took the beeper, looked up and said, "Me too." She smiled sincerely. "This is Ou Yangshan." She called back to Cory, and her eyes followed Chen Wen and Sister Liu. "Have you taken the medicine?"? How many doses? She asked, Liu Jie said something to Chen Wen with a serious face, and Chen Wen cried and begged for mercy. She didn't want to open her eyes and laugh in her heart. What kind of relationship is unusual? She's a godson of San Niang, and she doesn't know what these people are talking about. What's the heart rate? Just then, someone patted her on the shoulder. She looked back and saw Qi Yu. She nodded to him and pointed to the phone. Qi Yu stood at her side with a clear smile. "All right, do as he says, pay attention to observation, talk on the phone at any time, I'll be right back." She hung up the phone, Qi Yu said: "You are really busy, so time to leave again?" "Yes, there is a patient." She turned to look for Chen Wen and saw him walking this way. "It looks like I'm late. I didn't expect you to come." Qi Yu took a drink and said, "How do you feel?" "Fine," she coped. "General Manager Qi" Chen Wen finally came over and stretched out his hand to greet Qi Yu, saying, "It's too late to welcome you." "The anniversary of the company is really gratifying," said Qi Yu. "But Dr. Ou Yang may have to leave." Chen Wen asks her: "Does the hospital have a thing again?" She nodded "Dr. Ou Yang is really dedicated and admirable." Qi Yu raised his cup to her and said, "To you." She reluctantly returned the gift, holding Chen Wen and saying in a low voice, "I'm sorry, I really have to go back." "Forget it, I guess it will be like this." He took her hand and said to Qi Yu, "General Manager Qi, I'm sorry. I'll send my wife back to the hospital first. Please feel free." "You're welcome. Doctor Ou Yang's business is important." Qi Yu bowed and said goodbye to her. "Goodbye, then." After saying goodbye to Sister Liu, Ou Yangshan hurried into the elevator with Chen Wen. There was no one in the elevator. She shook Chen Wen's hand and said, "It's my fault. I'll try to go home early in the evening." "You pull it, I can only sincerely pray now, that patient must get better, or I will suffer." Chen Wen hooked her neck and pulled close to her ear and said: "Why are you so busy? There are so many people waiting in line for you to summon them." "Brother, I was wrong. I'll find a chance to make up for it later." She laughed and pushed him. The elevator suddenly stopped on the first floor. It's obviously B3, "she said in wonder." The door opened and the girl in red came in. The smell was strong in her nostrils. She sniffled. The perfume was so bad. I really despised her for the perfume. Without looking at the woman carefully, her cell phone rang again. She lowered her head and rummaged through her bag. She heard Chen Wen say, "Miss, this is going down. You're going the wrong way." Her voice was as gloomy and cold as if she had just been fished out of the ice cellar. She is strange, holding the phone to look at that woman, typical Jiangnan small Jasper unfortunately eyes are too cruel, she sneers,Cold Drawn Tubes, is not hit the same brand of perfume, as for it. If you go wrong, go out quickly. "Chen Wen stepped forward in front of her.".


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