The Favor of Quick Wear

Han Ning's rib was indeed broken, so now, after the operation, the doctor began to recall a key question full of doubts. If Han Ning and Wang Xing have a conflict because

Han Ning's rib was indeed broken, so now, after the operation, the doctor began to recall a key question full of doubts. If Han Ning and Wang Xing have a conflict because of Bai Xi, then the problem comes. Wang Xing was shot in the shoulder by Han Ning. Who did that when Han Ning's ribs were broken like that? His eyes flickered. Thank you Bai Xi thanked him in a crying voice. It doesn't look as shrewish as it was just now. Take good care of him recently. The doctor couldn't tell what he was thinking. Can Wang Xing's gentle appearance really break Han Ning's ribs? He shook and felt that it was better not to interfere in this love triangle, and asked the nurse to push Han Ning out and send him to the ward. Bai Xi followed the bedside step by step. The black ponytail girl followed her silently. Han Ning's operation was soon completed, which was within her expectation, looking at the appearance of Bai Xi, she hurriedly called back to the action group to report safety. Just think of today Wang Xing slander Han Ning's words, black ponytail girl heart is very entangled. These days, all the good bats are eaten by handsome boys. Obviously, she is the best to the fat bat, but look, Captain Han brushed away the hard-won fat bat with a face. She was so depressed that she was not worried about Han Ning's injury. Who in the op hasn't been hurt a few times? It's just a broken rib,cold drawn tubes, which is nothing in their eyes. The more intense fighting force, the stomach was broken and the internal organs flowed out not once or twice. But Bai Xi felt very distressed, she sobbed, red eyes followed Han Ning's bed to a single ward in the hospital. Watching the nurses leave after they are busy, she hurriedly sat beside Han Ning, looking at him longingly,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, without blinking an eye. This little model looks very pitiful, black ponytail girls feel soft in the heart of a mess, even if Han Ning is his most respected captain, but also have to be expressionless in the side of the feeling of the Korean team how can, how to subdue a fat bat? "I'll ask the doctor about it, and you stay here with Captain Han." The black ponytail girl patted Bai Xi on the shoulder and said softly. Then come back quickly. Bai Xi looked up and said in a low voice, "buy some milk or something. Captain Han wants to make up for it." The black ponytail girl fell silent. Team Han is not a beautiful flower. Make up a fart! "I know.". Shall I bring you back a bag of blood? "Captain Han doesn't want me to eat the blood outside." The black ponytail girl was hit by one hundred thousand points in her heart, and she opened the door and walked away with an expressionless face in the eyes of Bai Xi, "I obediently listen to Captain Han.". As soon as she went out, Bai Xi went to Han Ning's side. She poked Han Ning's face with her white and tender paws, Precision Welded pipes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, feeling that the anesthesia after the operation had not passed, so she could only bend over carefully and rub her face against him, saying in a small voice, "I didn't hug today." The Korean team has spoiled her these two days, and she is used to being carried in the pocket of the Korean team, or being held in the palm of the hand by the Korean team and being kissed. She knew that Han Ning's ribs were broken and her weight would press on him. She pouted her mouth and thought about it. She turned into a chubby black bat. She twisted her little body and rubbed it into Han Ning's neck. The soft little fluff and the slightly cold skin of the young man clung closely together. Bai Xi occupied the small place beside the young man's neck, feeling contented, and the panic he had just seen was gone. She stretched out her short wings contentedly and put them on the young man's neck with difficulty, smelling the special smell on his body and acting like a spoiled child. Just then, a shadow fell from the window, flew into the ward, and landed firmly on the shelf at the end of the bed. This is a very elegant and beautiful bat, the night is elegant and deep black, slender bat wings, smooth lines, a pair of eyes full of wisdom. The chubby dog nestled in the young man's neck was compared to a small local dog in the countryside. Bai Xi turned around with difficulty to take a look, twisted his little body, and said nothing. Really Human quality is really not good. "The bat was transformed into a handsome and strange young man, who seemed to have nothing to feel sorry for Han Ning's injury." It's not his son. Bai Gao doesn't feel bad at all. He just smiled, went over and scratched the little fat on the back of the fat bat, then raised his eyebrows and said, "But he even gave Wang Xing a shot, which is barely passable." He had just turned into a bat and had heard a lot of gossip about Wang Xing outside, and he knew that Bai Xi had a sudden attack and scolded Wang Xing almost to the sky. Looking at the little thing that snorted, Bai Gao smiled, with a bit of spoiling. You haven't defended me like this. That's because Grandpa didn't encounter the same thing as Captain Han. Otherwise, I will defend you. Bai Gao did not know for a moment whether he was glad that the little milk bat still knew how to defend himself or continued to hold his breath for her grandfather. Just as he was about to make persistent efforts to pinch the exceptionally fat little vampire, Han Ning opened his eyes slightly. The effects of the operation wore off quickly in his body, and he recovered his Pure Brightness almost instantaneously, feeling hairy on his neck. He hung his head and looked up at his shining bean eyes. The bean eyes were stunned and surprised. He shouted in a milky voice, "Captain Han, you're awake!" The fat bat jumped on his face and rubbed his hairy belly against his face. Han Ning raised his hand slightly, grabbed the little bat,Precision steel tubes, barely propped himself up against the hospital bed, and then bowed his head and kissed the soft belly of the crazy and excited fat bat. The fat bat was satisfied at once. She felt that the feeling of emptiness was gone now. I'm worried about you. She coquettishly rubbed her little head in the palm of Han Ning's hand. Han Ning lowered his voice and said, "I'm sorry." "I won't get hurt easily again." He said earnestly.


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