World of Gods and Demons in Online Games

World of Gods and Demons in Online GamesWorld of Gods and Demons in Online Games

Chaos Demon God, the city of evil, was once independent of the rule of the Great Demon God. Its regional leader was the ancient Chaos Demon God. Chaos Demons have five super-magical rings, which have different abilities. Because of this, Chaos Demons can compete with the Great Demon Gods, but.. Finally one day, the great demon God gathered many demon gods, besieged the chaos demon God, and defeated him. Before he died, the chaos demon God used a super-god level spell that the demon gods had never seen before. All the demon gods fell into a daze. After the public demon God woke up, the chaos Demon God had magically disappeared and disappeared from then on. The four chaos rings are all ready, as long as the ring on the index finger is enough, the tower of the Yellow Devil will be opened. The excited Mork forgets to eat and sleep, and finally finds clues from his diary. Then, according to the description of a demon God who participated in the war at that time, the chaos ring of the index finger is a thunder ring. Therefore, Mork went to explore the ancient books of evil city. I found the name of this kind of thunder ring, the Lord of Thunder. The fifth ring to be cracked is called the Ring of Thunder. According to the diary, the ring is worn on the index finger of the Chaos Demon God. The memory of the ability of this ring is rather vague. It seems that the memory of the Ring of Thunder has been obliterated. The only thing I remember is that this ring, just like its name, will make a thunderous sound when it is used. Based on this trait, Mork orders you to explore the top of the Black Hills, the city of evil, for clues about the Ring of Thunder. Mission objective: Go to the top of the Black Mountain, the city of evil, through the speculation of Mork,classroom interactive whiteboard, find the Ring of Thunder, and then return it. Task Rewards: Two Advanced Experience Pills, 150 Gold Coins, Demon Merit: 700 Points, One Top Elemental Pill, One Ten Guard Token. "Ah.." After reading the introduction of the task, Wolf Soul was surprised to say, "Purple Wind, this task reward is good, a top element Dan pill,smart board for conference room, really deadly, this is what I want most." Element Dan pill, this thing Yan Zhengyang is familiar with, usually from the monster body to obtain all kinds of gems, including soul spar and so on are used to equip weapons, to increase the elemental attributes of equipment weapons, and this element Dan pill, is for players to eat, directly increase the elemental attributes of players, is a variety of rely on elemental combat players favorite things. For example, if a fire mage eats a fire elemental pill and increases the fire attribute, it will increase the basic attack power of the fire, which is as simple as that. Unlike elemental gems, which are embedded in equipment, once the equipment is replaced, the added elements will disappear. But also to increase the rank, Shibei? Does it mean that you can summon ten Demon soldiers to fight in the future? If so, that is too handsome, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive panels for education, we five can summon fifty Demon soldiers directly, that is what kind of scene, just think about it all feel excited. Mieshen also stood aside and said excitedly that he now likes to summon sexual things more and more, and the more the better, so that he can put pressure on his opponents and give himself confidence. There is strength in numbers. Well, you are right. There are basically five kinds of official positions for players, namely, five people, ten soldiers, a hundred battles, a thousand generals, and ten thousand kings. Corresponding to the official position, it is the Demon soldiers that can be summoned, and with the promotion of the official position, the ability of the Demon soldiers summoned is also constantly improving, you are now five guards, then you will get ten guards, I am optimistic about you, I believe that one day, you will get the official position of'Wanwang '. Mork nodded gently and explained the rank of Chengfu officials to Yan Zhengyang and Wolf Soul. Well, let me borrow your auspicious words. Yan Zhengyang smiled back, this is needless to say, according to this development, the king is sooner or later, just. Yan Zhengyang is a little afraid to think, at that time, the world of gods and demons will be what kind of scene. Then pull down, it's time to release the Blue Devil Tower task scroll. While opening the blue box, Moerke nagged, "Well, about the Blue Devil Tower, my brother Moerku has always been responsible for it. Finally, his research results will have a breakthrough.". ” Listening to Mo Erke's words, Yan Zhengyang and Wolf Soul began to recall in their minds that the seven brothers of Mo Erke were about to come into contact with the fourth one. The first three were Mo Erluo, Mo Erle, and Mo Erke. The characters and styles of the three brothers were completely different. Mo Erluo was completely bureaucratic, and his words and deeds showed a superior posture; Moerle, on the other hand, is modest and polite, and is a good old man; Moerke, how to say, several people feel the same is careless, bookish evaluation, all the energy completely into the book. I don't know what kind of character the fourth Moerku will have? Blue box opened, inside is five rolling blue scroll, with gold edge, looks very beautiful, far better than the previous scroll appearance, much better looking, Yan Zhengyang several people look at each other, with the level of promotion, the appearance of the scroll has also changed, look at this scroll, how beautiful. But Yan Zhengyang found that when he faced the gorgeous scroll, his expression was not very natural. Mork, what's the matter? Is there anything wrong? Yan Zhengyang asked curiously. Mork was happy just now. Why did his mood suddenly cool down? "No, nothing." With a reluctant smile,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, Mork handed the blue scrolls to Yan Zhengyang and Wolf Soul one by one and held them in his hands. Yan Zhengyang knew why the scrolls looked so beautiful just now. It turned out that the scrolls were made of smooth silk, while the previous scrolls were made of paper. When the scroll touches the skin of several people, the content of the task appears in front of several people in an instant:.


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