Drinking Horse and Flowing Flower River-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

Drinking Horse and Flowing Flower River-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel ParadiseDrinking Horse and Flowing Flower River-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

Why is it that the same wine is particularly strong tonight? Or their own body has an unexpected sign of illness! When the light started, it caught sight of a wolf lying close at hand on the ground, with its white fangs showing and slowly retreating. The habits of animals are often profound and incomprehensible, just like the big bad wolf in front of us, which seems to flinch, and is likely to attack and bite people in the next action. Jun Mowgli, however, just didn't see it, and didn't even look at it. The cold wind is blowing gently, and it is still the kind of cold that penetrates the bone marrow. Jun Mowgli was just a burst of fever on his body, the kind of heat that went deep into his internal organs, and in a very short moment, he was sweating profusely. Gradually he understood. Sun, how dare you! You've done a good job! One side of the air pressure Dantian, do not make the True Qi flow away, but will take off a long gown tied to the waist. But at this moment, I saw a rare thing. It was a large official ship with a flat head and two masts, moored quietly on the shore, with two official lights, specially covered with cloth cages, to minimize the light emitted. River boat moored at night, it is likely that the officials inside have rested, the huge No.1 official ship, do not see some abnormal, can not hear a little human voice, but only the waves of the ship board, again and again with white foam,thermal imaging camera, issued intermittent sound of water. The scene is relaxed, showing the monotony and tranquility of "night". In fact, there was nothing suspicious about the official ship, but this moment, under the witness of Jun Mowgli, showed a kind of shock in his heart, as if it contained a very dangerous, tens of millions of soldiers, subconsciously made him produce a high degree of vigilance. In fact, there was a light on the ship,digital signage screen, but it was covered by a heavy curtain and could not be seen from the outside for a while. Only Jun Mowgli's sharp eyes can detect it. Seeing this, he was suddenly alerted and took a step back. A sharp howl came from his side, and the wind hit his neck, showing a pair of front paws of a huge wolf shadow, straight toward his shoulder. Dare to love this beast, chose this moment to attack. In the bright moonlight, the wolf's eyes are like two meteors, and its huge mouth is open, as if it could bite off the enemy's throat with one bite. This time, however, it was looking for the wrong person and met the fierce enemy of Jun Mowgli. As Jun Mowgli bent down, it seemed that he was not slow, but he flashed through the sharp front paws of the big bad wolf, and the whole body of the beast was empty. "Whoosh-" in the wind, he brushed the tip of Jun Mowgli's hair on his head and slipped past. The wolf has a cunning nature and will not give up. Besides, it is a hungry wolf. As soon as the wolf missed, he could not allow his body to fall to the ground, so he turned over and bit Jun Mowgli on his throat. Before the wolf's mouth was opened, Jun Mowgli raised his hand and hit him in the cheek. With a cry of grief, face detection android ,digital signage kiosk, he took off and fainted on the spot. This palm Jun Mowgli only used 30% of the strength, thinking that the big bad wolf would not be killed. It turned out that he had a loyal heart, and even if he fought with the enemy, he would always be kind, unless he was a very vicious person, and he could not bear to waste his life. The evil wolf in front of him chose people to eat, but he could only understand that it was forced by hunger. Natural selection, the law of the jungle, is the deliberate arrangement of the creator, based on this, the evil of animal nature can also be forgiven. But between the hands, that is to say, the wolf will be subdued under the palm. The war cloud opens slightly, but it is out of control. The gray wolf was ignorant and just made the vanguard of the battle. Jun Mowgli handed out a palm, ears heard a cold shout behind him, that is, a wisp of sharp wind, fierce attack. Under the moonlight at night, a wisp of silver light, accompanied by a harsh wisp of sharp wind, seemed to come from the bow of a ship and went straight to the back of Jun Mowgli's head. The hidden weapon itself was so strong that it turned out to be a "snake-headed white arrow" which was not common in Jianghu. The firing of this kind of hidden weapon mostly depends on the internal force and strength of the user. If it can be matched with the unique strength of the finger and fired with the "Yin Finger", it can better exert the power of the arrow. The tip of the snake-shaped hidden weapon is exquisitely set up. There are two barbs hidden inside. Once it enters the flesh, it can jump away by itself. If it wants to pull it out, it will take a lot of trouble to dig out the large pieces of flesh around the arrow body. In front of this snake-shaped white arrow, obviously full of strength, streamer line, straight hand, only this end can see the extraordinary skill of the hand. Thanks to Jun Mowgli's strict training of "listening to the wind with hidden weapons" in his early years, all kinds of hidden weapons can be judged by hearing the wind without visual observation. The immediate situation, however, is no exception. His skill was so subtle that he could tell the origin of the hidden weapon almost without turning around. With a copy of his backhand, he grabbed the white feather on the arrow and the force point under his foot, and then turned around. His eyes were greeted by a pair of figures like swallows. This pair of figures, obviously from the bow, flying material is not bad. As soon as it rose, it looked like a flying swallow cut in the air and crossed over. In the wind, it was already close to the eyes, but it was one on the left and one on the right. Both of them fell face to face, but they clamped Jun Mowgli in the middle. They took a potential that was suitable for attacking and defending, and then stopped moving. Then in the cold laughter, a man stepped on the moonlight, walked out slowly from the side of the forest, impartially, and stood down in the open space where the two men were standing in the middle of the pincers. A silver-gray brocade robe, shining in the moonlight, is neither tall nor short, and his manner is unhurried and gentle. There is nothing else to see. In the eyes of Jun Mowgli, it was quite familiar that this man was wearing a black scarf tightly tied on his face. Jun Wuji will not be forgetful, this person's dress, even the face towel, and he are "familiar", if he did not guess wrong, is that day led to his bamboo house, robbery search, and then the mysterious disappearance of the same person. As for the identity of the bearer, it is all too clear. Nice to meet you, we can meet again tonight! The voice was calm, as if it had been deliberately lowered, but it could not hide the crispness of the sound. As he spoke, the man slowly raised a white hand,smart whiteboard price, climbed behind his back with his backhand, and held tightly the handle of a sword exposed at the back of his neck. With a slight vibration of his wrist, he had pulled a half-foot dagger into his hand. hsdtouch.com


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