Urban God King Nurturing System

Urban God King Nurturing SystemUrban God King Nurturing System

"Now that you're out, don't rush back!" Listening to the voice coming from the bottom of his heart, the old man's face changed in an instant, and then he heard a burst of "trampling.." Voice, two long horn, horse body, tiger claw monster came running from a distance, looking at the two monsters, all the disciples of the Iron Sword Gate, the face can not help but change. Chapter 224: Baotou! "What kind of person is hiding his head and showing his tail? Come out for me!" Listening to his inner voice, looking at the two beasts, the real man of the Iron Sword over there could not help but change his face and roar loudly into the sky. - His disciples, that is, the so-called ten-blade fear beast, does not mean that he is also afraid, for him, in fact, the beast is not too strong fighting capacity, just a four-level primary monster, even with one to two, then he also has the hope of winning. What he was most afraid of now was the voice that came from his heart. Listening to this voice, he felt guilty for no reason. There is a kind of kungfu in this world, which is called the transmission of sound into the secret. After the basic martial arts reach the congenital level, it is not an advanced skill, but the transmission of sound into the secret, in fact,Stone Honeycomb Panel, is only to use one's own inner ear to force one's own voice into a wave and transmit it into other people's ears. The sound received by human ears is very strong, and this legend is when it enters the secret. Basically, the sound is below ten decibels, and others can't hear it, but it goes directly into the inner ear of that person, and that person can hear it. But anyway, this skill still belongs to listening with ears, not like now, the voice directly into his brain,White Marble Mosaic, this terrible ability, so that the real person of the Iron Sword is really afraid. You don't have that qualification! Perhaps he heard the words of the real man of the Iron Sword, and then the voice said faintly. Then, in the midst of everyone's eyes, suddenly a golden light fell from the sky, which, if it were late, might have been noticed. But now it was noon, and no one noticed the golden light at all. When the real man of the Iron Sword was completely at a loss, the golden light sank into his head in the next second. Then came a sharp pain. In the mind of this real person of the Iron Sword, he instantly entered a completely dark world, looking at the completely dark world in front of him [Qishu Net, e-book download paradise-wWw. QiSuu. COm], the real person of the Iron Sword over there was completely dumbfounded, looking around with a face at a loss, he did not know what was going on. At first he thought it was an illusion, but now he finds out. It's not an illusion! In this way, in this space, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Carrara Marble Slab, he is the only one who can not move. You can't walk, you can't sleep, you can't even close your eyes, you just stay there, you have no time. No one knows how long he stayed. When he was almost broken down, a man suddenly appeared in front of him. The man looked more than thirty years old, and his face was full of flesh. Chuan update at this time is a face of evil smile toward the iron sword real person grabbed over, looking at this man. The real man of Iron Sword has been completely silly, because of this man. He knows.. Iron sword real person count up from childhood is also bitter big sorrow, when he was young, his village inside met a mountain thief, the whole village was slaughtered, and he escaped because of hiding in the cesspool, then he entered the Hanyang county, became an orphan and a waif, he was only five years old that year, but he was lucky, just after a few months of wandering, He met a man, this man is the man just now, this man, at first gave him something to eat, then took him home, recognized him as his adopted son, when he completely trusted this man, in a dark and windy night, the man broke into his room with alcohol, and then ignored his resistance, gave him.. It's violent! Then he lived in the abyss of suffering again, that strong man, do not like women, but like little boys. At that time, the real man of Iron Sword had no way to resist. After five years, when he was ten years old, he killed this guy when he drank too much. Then he fled into the mountains for fear of the government's investigation. It was because of that time that he met the head of the Iron Sword Gate and passed him on as his disciple. Although the man is dead, but it has become his nightmare, want to break through from the golden elixir to yuan Ying period, the most important thing is to cut off their own demons, but because of this man, it is possible to die, iron sword real person can not be cut off. He kept telling himself in his heart that the man was dead and was killed by himself! So many years have passed, he also gradually buried the figure of this man in his heart. But at this time, when he had begun to despair in this space, the man appeared again. You, you deserve to die! Looking at the man with an evil smile in front of him, as well as the man's pants that had already retreated, the real man of the Iron Sword shouted loudly, and then he carried all his strength, regardless of the restraint of his body, and killed the man in front of him! Bang! Just as all his powers were moving, the head of the real man of the Iron Sword could not help but stagnate. Then he realized that the head of the body outside also exploded in an instant! The red and white brains, like a cesspool where a firecracker had been thrown, scattered all over the disciples around him. In the surprised eyes of these disciples, the headless corpse of the real man of the Iron Sword slowly fell down. This is the power of the sword of Zhou Ling's spirit. At first, it is just a headache for you, and then it will let you enter an isolated world. If you can endure this world, it will turn into the most fearful person in your heart. If you shrink back,Grey Marble Slab, you will stay in this world forever, constantly suffering from spiritual torture, and if you resist.. forustone.com


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