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This is a name that makes God feel headache when he hears it. The President naturally knows clearly that if the chasing soul kills him, then it is useless for him to flee to the ends of the earth! Generally speaking, the protective forces around a head of state are so powerful that even the last few of the world's top ten killers can hardly benefit from those professional bodyguards. But this soul chasing is definitely an exception, in his hands. Already stained with the blood of at least four heads of state. Soul chasing not only has the courage to assassinate a head of state, but also has this ability, as long as someone can come up with enough reward, there is no one in the world who can not be killed by soul chasing! The president immediately judged that this soul chaser was an extremely dangerous person, and he had to have enough chips to fall out with this person, otherwise. That's a death wish! Chasing the soul has almost no family, her wife died many years ago at the hands of an enemy, and for this. Chasing the soul once went on a killing spree, creating a horrible massacre, killing all the people who had a little relationship with the enemy, and that time more than three figures died in his hands! Chasing the soul originally had a daughter, but the data showed that Emily,ultrasonic cutting machine, the daughter of chasing the soul, died inexplicably more than ten years ago, but this time it did not seem to kill people everywhere like crazy, but stayed in front of her daughter's grave for more than ten years, until a few days ago, she suddenly appeared and followed a little boy. That is,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the Chinese boy who is a headache for the whole country! Along with the soul chaser, there is also the beautiful and unreasonable girl, that is, the culprit who ran to the president's office and deceived the president into losing control of 13 nuclear weapons directly in the name of dedicating an artificial intelligence robot she accidentally discovered! What makes the president feel even more chilling is that.. The invincible beautiful girl who suddenly appeared was also called Emily, and matched with the soul-chasing father and daughter. This can not help but let people fantasize, can it be said. Is this Emily the Emily who died more than ten years ago? If the two are really the same person, then. Now this Emily, is she a person or a ghost? There is no doubt that this pair of father and daughter, whether true or false, anyway, they have no other relatives to worry about, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, so there is no chance for the president to use the next three abusive means! In desperation, the president had no choice but to put the idea on Zhou Ziwei and Chu Qiutang first. Of course The most important thing is Zhou Ziwei, after all, Zhou Ziwei is the key figure in this incident, and Chu Qiutang seems to be the most dispensable small role! In order to confirm the identity of Zhou Ziwei, it was really a lot of work for those spies. After all, Zhou Ziwei was a boy of five or six years old when he first appeared in the line of sight of these people, but now in just a few days, Zhou Ziwei has become a young man in his twenties. This change is really too amazing, the president's imagination is already very rich, but for a while still can not accept the fact that these two people are actually one person! Even if it was confirmed that the two men were the same person, it was still very difficult to finally determine the identity of Zhou Ziwei. It was not until their ace spies who had been undercover in China for decades were exposed and six or seven people were arrested that Zhou Ziwei was finally dug out. Only then did they discover that Zhou Ziwei was the richest man in China, and now he is the only legitimate developer of a secret military project and civilian products, according to expert analysis. Once that project is really launched, the day when Zhou Ziwei becomes the richest man in the world is just around the corner! The president really can't believe that such a rich man, why not stay at home and enjoy his splendor and wealth, but come to M country to make trouble! Isn't this a bad luck? After confirming the identity of Zhou Ziwei, it was much easier to confirm the next action plan. The president immediately spared no expense. On the one hand, he sent his agents into China on a large scale. On the other hand, he spent a lot of money to find some world-famous mercenary organizations to help kidnap Zhou Ziwei's brother and wife. Mr. President believes.. As long as these two people are in his hands, then Zhou Ziwei will have to submit, so. Things have come to this point, the president is not prepared to be timid any more, and we will see who will win in the end! The president almost lost everything to collect enough money to hire the mercenary, and his agents naturally do not need his own money, so the two forces are fighting together at the same time, but also in the case of the enemy, the president has reason to believe optimistically. This time, even if you want to kidnap the head of state of the other side, it is not impossible to succeed! With such a luxurious line-ups, to deal with two small people who have no force value, this. It's really a bit of a feeling of killing a chicken with an ox knife! But to the President's surprise.. The two teams, which he thought were bound to succeed, drove to China in high spirits, sneaked into the city of Dangyang,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and cooperated with each other in a dark and windy night to attack the seemingly lax Zhou family compound. I didn't make the slightest sound of fighting from beginning to end, and then. It's all over. The people who were in charge of the lookout and meeting outside did not see any of their accomplices come out alive until it was almost dawn. This immediately made them feel a chill in their hearts. At that moment, they had no courage to stay. They fled back to M country in a hurry and reported to the president.


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