Blood flower. Blood flower

Blood flower. Blood flowerBlood flower. Blood flowerBlood flower. Blood flower

Zhuo Muqiu said, "Manager Min doesn't need to ask any more questions. I can't say anything else. Manager Min watched me grow up, just like my elders. I don't want to see Manager Min ruin his reputation in this'Sword Village '.." Min Tianduo suddenly turned to be dignified and said, "San Shao, you don't say that it's inconvenient for your subordinates to mention it. Since the death of the Villa Leader, your subordinates have felt that there is something wrong with the'Sword Villa '. This feeling is not something that people in the'Sword Villa' can't feel. It seems that there is a great disaster coming. But you can tell San Shao that your subordinates were taken in by the old master and entrusted with an important task." Subordinates have already given this life to the'Sword Village '. Although they are willing to go through fire and water and be crushed to pieces, don't say that subordinates will not leave the'Sword Village' in this life. Even if subordinates have the intention to leave, subordinates will have to wait for the young to recover and the young to turn around! Zhuo Muqiu was excited for a while, but he quickly calmed down and said, "Manager Min is loyal and righteous. The'Sword Villa 'has all the feelings like this." It's not convenient for me to say anything more. As a parting word, Manager Min should be more careful in everything in the future. If there is a disaster, just try to protect yourself. Other Manager Min doesn't have to worry about it. Words fall, turn around and go to the layman. Min Tianduo was stunned and stepped up. "It's late at night," said Zhuo Muqiu. "There's no need to see Manager Min off." "Don't say it's late at night," said Min Tianduo. "Even if you go to the Mountain of Swords, your subordinates will see San Shao off. Tonight, your subordinates will see San Shao off. I hope they can welcome San Shao back as soon as possible." Zhuo Muqiu couldn't help being excited and said, "I won't let Manager Min down. I'm leaving." Fly away. Min Tianduo bowed down respectfully and said, "My subordinates respectfully see San Shao off." Mouth. Mouth In the "Sword Village", Zhuo Muqiu held back and went out of the "Sword Village". Zhuo Muqiu couldn't help it. A mouthful of hot blood spurted out of his mouth, and his body shook. He quickly stood firm. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and I felt much more comfortable. He should have sprayed the blood on Yan Hanzhen's face, but in front of her, he did not want to show weakness, let alone let her know that his heart was hurt. There is nothing a woman can do if she changes her mind. In the past, blame him for being young and ignorant,liquid bottle filling machine, blame him for not being able to express his feelings, behave like a rootless duckweed, people can not catch it. But now? Blame who? Or say that the mistake has been made, and it is too late to turn back. But she should not know that Zhuo Mulan is Ximen Li, but also as before to him, and even a little deliberately stimulate Zhuo Muqiu, before and after the performance of two people. Now, what is there to say? If there is love in the sky, the sky is also old,Edible oil filling machine, if there is no hatred in the moon, the moon is long and round, who called this merciless hatred on his head? An act of God? Fate? This love affair was ruined by his own ignorance at the beginning and his vicious use of heart with Simon Li. He took a deep breath and felt much better, but his face was still so pale. Yan Hanzhen mentioned a famous girl in Wulin and a famous prostitute in a brothel. He only knew one of the famous girls in Wulin nearby, the Jade Concubine in the Bamboo Building and the White Snake. He also knew a famous prostitute in a brothel, Su Manyun, who had both beauty and skill, and whose beauty was better than that of the White Snake. He did not know whether Yan Hanzhen's words were true or false, a man, after having such a charming wife as Yan Hanzhen, would still go to have sex, which was really an incredible thing. But he wanted to try his luck. If it is true, husband so, Yan Hanzhen actually do not care, is Ximen Li has a kind of magic, let these women willing to die for him? He took another breath, leapt up, and disappeared. Mouth. Mouth This is an elegant small building in a large courtyard. The lights went out in the huge courtyard, PET blow moulding machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but there was still a faint light on the small building. Zhuo Muqiu stood at the head of the small building, facing two unclosed doors. There was a groan in the room! A woman's moan; and the slight hooking of the gums. Although the woman's groan was low, it was clearly audible at the door of the room. She was talking in a dream and called softly: "Mulan, Mulan, you killed me, Mulan.." A sound, a burst, plus the gum jade hook, anyone will immediately think of one thing. Zhuo Muqiu's pale face was a little red, but his eyes were even redder. People to the door, equal to bully close to the side, Ximen Li actually at a loss, it serves to show how intoxicated he is. Zhuo Muqiu opened his mouth coldly: "Ximen Li, come out and let's meet." The speaker was so close that the people in the room would never hear him. However, that sound, a burst of still, the sound of the gum jade hook did not stop, Zhuo Muqiu raised his eyebrows, raised his hand and split out, with a bang, the door opened, the light poured out, the scene in the room was clear. The room was in a mess, as if it had not been tidied up for many days. It is chaotic, but it is still luxurious and magnificent. The floor was covered with red felt, the gums were hooked with jade, and a glass lamp was placed at the head of the bed, and the flame of the lamp was low. The bed was moving, the low-hanging gauze curtain was moving, a pair of jade hooks were shaking, touching the wooden frame on both sides, and the sound was so clear. Sleeping on the bed, holding a ball in his arms, tossing and turning, groaning, a sound, a burst. Zhuo Muqiu was stunned and stepped in. He saw more clearly that on the bed was a woman with disheveled hair, pale face, sunken eyes, and almost haggard. She was holding an embroidered pillow, and she kept calling Mulan softly in her mouth. Zhuo Muqiu recognized that the woman on the bed was Su Manyun, a famous prostitute who was famous for both sex and art, and how many people could not kiss Fang Ze. The first time Zhuo Muqiu saw her, she was beautiful and beautiful, but now she has become like this. Zhuo Muqiu felt a chill all over his body. Think at the beginning, the madam waited on, like holding a phoenix. Now, there is no one to take care of him. The warmth and coldness of human feelings, the fickleness of the world, the icing on the cake, how many people send charcoal in the snow? Zhuo Muqiu collected himself, approached to lift the gauze curtain, and touched it with his hand. Su Manyun's head was so hot that he understood and pointed down with his hand. Su Manyun stopped moving and fell asleep with his eyes castrated. Zhuo Muqiu lifted the quilt, and with a shock in his heart, he quickly covered the quilt again. Su Manyun is only wearing underwear, the exquisite body of the past,liquid bottle filling machine, now only as thin as firewood, the crystal skin of the past, but now is a sallow.


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