What is the Big Bang Injection

All of our injectors are tested over their entire operating range.

The same mechanical and hydraulic tolerances as our new BBI injectors are used to tune all remanufactured injectors. The new hard chrome coated valve set and new DLC coated nozzle are installed on every one of our remanufactured injectors. We upgrade all of the older injector cores we accept to include the newest design elements. With these modifications, low-pressure functionality is improved.


Every other component is examined, measured, and only used if it is in perfect working order. When receiving returned injector cores, we inspect them carefully. We cannot accept them and will not utilize them if, for any reason, they do not adhere to our high requirements.


All of our injectors are tested over their entire operating range. Why does this matter? A complete injection amount map is included with each set of Big Bang Injection. For all of our 5.9l injectors, our entire injection quantity mappings are constructed from more than 500 single test points.


The comprehensive injection quantity mapping for all of our 6.7l injectors is made using more than 700 single test points. Because of this, Big Bang Injection will never ship you a defective injector. We will not tolerate any failures.


When measuring brand-new Bosch injectors, we are able to identify defects that Bosch production lines did not produce. When creating our new BBI injectors, we also make corrections for those errors.Only off-highway applications have been designed for high performance parts and/or services.


Installation on a vehicle meant for use on public roads could be against U.S., Canadian, state, or provincial laws and regulations, including those governing emission standards and motor vehicle safety rules.


The majority of businesses that provide remanufactured injectors simply purchase spare parts, remove the outdated components, and put the new components together. These rebuilders don't realize that replacing injector parts necessitates making minor mechanical modifications in the injector to account for manufacturing variations between the swapped parts.

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