Guide for Diablo 2’s mages before level 40

A guide to help you get through the difficulties of the first 30 levels

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In view of the fact that there are a lot of newcomers in the forum, many of them have practiced as mages, but in the end, they can’t beat all kinds of games. Although my skills are not very good, I have played for many years

Write a guide to help you get through the difficulties of the first 30 levels

First choose talents, mage 3 talents leveling, ice fire power

Ice needs a blizzard to be at ease, and it was very difficult to fight before.

Fire has a low-level rune leaf, but one is to brush it, and the other is that it is not much faster, so it doesn’t mean something.

Electricity has the AOE skill of charging bombs at a low level, and the damage is not low, so it has become the first choice of talent for all the masters. Diablo 2's world record of passing through hell was created by the electric method.

Secondly, look at attributes. As a mage, because the Diablo 2’s Mana Potion has no CD, and it’s not expensive to drink, we generally don’t point mana. When the strength is point, we just use the equipment. Dexterity is a pile of blocks, which has nothing to do with us. All the rest is used for life, after all, survival bring everything.

Third, when leveling, there is absolutely no need to kill all the monsters in the field of vision, except for the first task. Our task at this stage is to gain experience quickly and well. Mage is an AOE class, so we don’t fight monsters that are alone, and don’t fight if there are less than 3 monsters. Just ignore him, saving mana is better than anything else.

The general rhythm is to run to the edge of the monster pile, gather the monsters, and then press and hold shift (casting in place) to swipe the charging bomb 2 or 3 times in the direction of the monster group, and then you can go to pick up golds and items.

Fourthly, the price of the item store has little to do with the rarity, because the packages are limited, usually a few expensive ones, such as clothes, even white ones are more valuable than golden weapons, weapons with skills are more valuable, such as mages and Necromancer's Staff

Golds are usually useless, so don’t spend them indiscriminately. As a mage, you usually use them to buy mana Potions, and buy some healing potions in the early stage, and reduce rest time.

Fifthly, when fighting the boss, try to get as close as possible, and use static electricity skills to brush before the mercenary dies. On normal difficulty, you can brush to 1/4 blood or even less. Normally , you need to defeat 5 or 6 monsters, and then run a little farther , hit the BOSS a few times with the charged bomb and die.

Adding skills after washing points at level 35 is full of Blizzard. After full, click on the cold control and click on the skills that strengthen Blizzard.

The last but not least,Ladder means a new start for players, you only need to play in it like before. Pay attention to completing the important quests in each Act, they will provide some very useful rewards, including items and enhanced functions. You need to pay attention to the loot that each monster drops after death, if you find a better item than what you are currently wearing, please replace it immediately. In addition, if you want your ID to appear at the top of the leaderboard, I highly recommend that you choose a class with powerful AOE skills. Because the Ladder ranking in the original Diablo 2 is based on the character's exp, killing more monsters is your main goal. If you still cannot get the D2R Ladder Items required for the build, you can directly search for the items you need from MMOWTS and buy them.

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