Discovering Fun

Discover what makes work enjoyable as you continue reading to learn more about the highest and lowest-paying careers in America. How much money can you make performing enjoyable jobs?

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, is credited with creating electronic cigarettes. He obtained a patent for the product in 2003 and released it on the Chinese market the following year. E-cigarettes are already being sold to clients all over the world by several businesses. However, as the use of electronic cigarettes, or "vaping," has become more widespread, some people are worried about their safety, especially the likelihood that the vapor produced by the devices includes hazardous substances.


Even though surgeons are among the best-paid workers in the country and may save lives, morale isn't good among them. Perhaps you might speak to someone who works in one of the professions you believe to be the most enjoyable and highest paying.


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