The WoW Classic mastery season started on November 16th but the name and server reservations started

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The mastery season of WoW Classic starts on November 16, but players with active subscriptions or game time in their accounts can keep their character names and servers of their choice starting today.

To keep the name, you need to install the WoW Classic game client and then navigate to any Season of Mastery server where you wish to make a character. The proficient season server will be indicated in the server list. Name reservations for North American servers will begin at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Before the server is shut down due to role reservations, each server can only reserve a certain number of names, so if you have an idea, be sure to enter as soon as possible. There are a total of eight servers for North American players to choose from. Once the season of Mastery is officially launched, the servers will open more roles.

Players will be able to share a total of 50 World of Warcraft classic characters between Mastery Season and the original World of Warcraft classic server. Players can have an additional 50 characters for Burning Crusade Classic and the current Shadowlands expansion.

The season of mastery will bring various changes to World of Warcraft nostalgia, including harder raid bosses, faster content launch schedules, additional resource nodes in the open world, and more. Blizzard confirmed that it will not include the battlefield of the same faction, which is a feature added to the "Burning Crusade Classic". Although Boss has more health and additional mechanics, Blizzard will not perform any professional balance updates. MMOSO has TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale, which can protect your account security.

In other World of Warcraft news, Blizzard recently revealed Patch 9.2 for Shadowlands, the End of Eternity. The upcoming update will be the end of the Shadowlands legend and will bring the return of class-based level suits, new raids and more. Although it is not recommended to Classic TBC Gold Buy directly, this method is a shortcut for players to break through difficulties.

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