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Drawing and animation apps have become so popular during these past few years. We’re living in an era where almost anyone can become an animator with decent drawing skills and access to animation software. These animation apps make it all the more easier for people to create stunning mas

FlipaClip is an animation app developed by Visual Blasters LLC. It has 10 million downloads in Google Play Store alone! This apps make it easy to create animation. Whether you’re sketching, storyboarding, or animating – the app helps you to easily create anything! In here, you’ll learn frame-by-frame animation and even draw in the app itself. You can also turn anything into gifs or create rotoscope videos. There are plenty of things to create in this app. Read on!

What is FlipaClip?
Animators are so in demand right now with the rise of animation shows in the recent years. We’ve seen so many of these shows and movies become part of our culture now that it’s hard to take them away now. Because of this, there are more animators than there have ever been in the history. If you’re looking for the perfect animation app, this one is for you!

Features of FlipaClip
FlipaClip is an awesome and unique animation app that allows anyone to create stunning masterpieces! Here are the features of this app:

Unique app – Back then, you can only create animation videos through animation software such as Maya and the likes. But as technology advanced rapidly, we now have access to a bunch of animation apps! One of the best animation apps right now is called FlipaClip. This app can bring about any drawing to life with frame by frame animation! In here, you can create just about anything you want with its easy to use panels and tools. You no longer need to have a laptop just to create these videos when you have this app! The existence of this app allows just about anyone to create animation videos, gifs and rotoscope videos easily!

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