New World announces the merger of more player worlds

Amazon Game Studios’ MMO New World merges the game worlds where several players live.

Amazon Game Studios’ MMO New World merges the game worlds where several players live. This move seems to be aimed at increasing the population and inspiring players’ desire to buy New World Gold.

The world merger affects players in the four real-world regions of the US East, US West, Australia, and Central Europe. New World’s servers were briefly offline yesterday to adapt to the changes. An exhaustive list is published on the official forum of New World, and players will find their location the next time they log in to the game. This series of work take a long time, and players may not use New World Gold to trade on the trading post for the time being.

In a separate FAQ that explains the method behind the merger of the worlds, Amazon Game Studios promised they will look at some things to determine if the world is unhealthy and needs to be merged into another world. These include population size and overall participation.

Fortunately, however, this is not just a case of randomly mixing the world together. Amazon added it compares existing worlds in the world of finding the best partner world by comparing elements such as factions, game styles, and languages. Players can express their satisfaction with this and buy RPG New World Coins to welcome the merged New World.

After the world is moved, players from the moved world will still keep all their in-game items and progress. However, any territory gained in the original world will be lost because the new master’s control status will remain unchanged.

The latest world merger is New World’s second merger in just one month. On December 9, more Central European servers and several South American servers were affected.

Amazon Game Studios may use juggling to better increase the number of servers, but it is also adding a lot of fresh content to New World. Players will spend more New World Gold, because it also recently added the Winter Convergence Festival to online games.


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