Cytotec Tablets: Exploring The Uses And Dosage Of 200 Mcg Cytotec

Cytotec, also known as Misoprostol, is a safe and effective medicine used to induce abortion. It softens and dilates the cervix, leading to cramps and contractions that expel the pregnancy tissue. Cytotec can be taken orally or vaginally, but medical guidance is essential to ensure safety.

Cytotec is one of the names of Misoprostol medicine. This medicine is used for inducing abortion. It is considered a safe method for terminating unwanted pregnancies. Cytotec abortion pills can be used in a clinical setup or a home.

Understanding Cytotec: An effective abortion Pill

Here we will understand its working methodology in the points below. 

Working Mechanism 

Cytotec softens and dilates the cervix which causes cramps and contractions of the uterus. In this process, the unwanted pregnancy tissue comes out of the body through the vagina and vacates the uterus. It feels similar to a miscarriage. 

Methods of using Cytotec tablets Orally and Vaginaly

Oral Use:

Sublingual Cytotec tablets of 200mcg are used to end an unwanted pregnancy. The medicine works by placing it between the gums and cheek. It is also called a buccal administration. The active ingredients of the Misoprostol dissolve with the saliva and are absorbed by the systemic circulation and readily produce its effects. The tablets must not be swallowed into the stomach. The ingesting is allowed only after they are almost dissolved after 30 minutes and a little bit of residue is left under the tongue. 

Vaginal Use:

Cytotec Abortion Pill is used three times a day with a gap of 6 to 12 hours in vaginal use. In this type of administration, the tablets are administered inside the vagina. If this tablet remains at the vaginal entrance, it will not produce its effects. The tablet must be deep into the vaginal canal and dissolve inside the vagina. One can insert the fingers inside to check the condition of the tablet. If any pieces are left or the tablet is not dissolved, visit the gynecologist immediately. 


Effectiveness of Cytotec 200 mcg Tablets

The medicine is very successful in its functioning. Some females had complete abortions within 12 hours of taking the medicine. Many completed the termination process within 24 hours and the majority aborted their pregnancy tissue after 48 hours of taking the initial dose of Cytotec (Misoprostol). Studies prove that Misoprostol is highly effective when used in conjunction with Mifepristone. Its success rate is almost similar to the surgical termination in early pregnancy. Its effects will decrease if the pregnancy time increases. In this case, multiple doses of this medicine will be required.  

Safety Concerns

Cytotec Abortion Pill is safe when used under medical guidance. These tablets do have a rare risk of incomplete abortions, excessive bleeding, risk of infection, and rupture of the uterus. It can happen when the dose is too high and used unsupervised. It is important to have access to emergency medical care. It is also crucial to be careful where the abortion facility is restricted.  

Visiting a Doctor

Some conditions may occur which may need immediate medical attention.


  1. Heavy bleeding where the two maxi pads are soaked in blood within two hours or less. 
  2. Bleeding that causes light-headedness.
  3. Continuous fever and chills after taking the medicine. 
  4. If the bleeding stops, starts, and stops after small intervals then a dilation and evacuation method is used to complete the termination. 
  5. In case of absence of bleeding, which means that no abortion has taken place. Then more doses of the medicine can be given, or surgical termination is needed to complete the process.
  6. If a female has an allergic reaction to Cytotec and develops negative symptoms after taking the medicine.  

Additional points about Cytotec 200 Mcg

  • The use of Cytotec in late pregnancy can cause problems. The abortion can be successful but can cause profuse bleeding and severe pain. This can pose a health risk to a female and will need immediate medical attention. 


  • For undergoing the abortion process, a loved one, a friend, or family must be with the female. The process, although safe can have certain complications. Even if not, the moral support and handling and fetching of necessary stuff is always required.


  • If the female gets pregnant despite an IUD(intra-uterine device), then special care is needed. The pregnancy can be Ectopic and will require a special procedure. An ultrasound is required to confirm the status of the embryo. The device needs removal first and then an abortion procedure needs to be carried out. 


An unwanted pregnancy can occur despite some safest contraceptives. There can always be some shortcomings. In these cases, abortion is the only viable solution. By taking Cytotec, a woman can abort the pregnancy tissue herself safely before  12 weeks. After that, medical attention and the process under observation are crucial. By studying the above factors, we have understood the usage and risk factors of the Cytotec Abortion Pill. At Orlando Women’s Center, there is a safe facility for medicinal and surgical abortions. Utmost attention and care are provided without any judgment. Visit us to learn more.   

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