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Introducing our Hydroxyapatite Powder, the ultimate solution for high-performance thermal spray applications. Crafted to perfection, this premium-grade powder offers unparalleled benefits for your projects.

Boost efficiency and reliability with our meticulously engineered powder. Achieve superior thermal conductivity, ensuring optimal heat transfer in any environment. Say goodbye to overheating and welcome enhanced durability that withstands the most demanding conditions.


Thermal Spray Grade Hydroxyapatite (HA-TSG), 500g - Ceramat

Thermal Spray Grade Hydroxyapatite (HA-TSG), 500g - Ceramat

Thermal Spray Grade Hydroxyapatite for Implant coating application A pure, free-flowing, and affordable Hydroxyapatite manufactured at ISO 13485-compliant facility Request Price [contact-form-7 id="2ad054c" title="Enquiry Form"]